Couple Jose and Mariah Marquez welcomed their "Christmas miracle" in the form of quadruplets they called "nuggets" for being born prematurely at seven weeks early.

CBN News said the couple finds this moment in their life as "sheer happiness" for being given preemie quadruplets--three sons and a daughter. Their joy can be seen in a photo joy posted by the Memorial Health University Medical Center on Facebook on December 23.

"'Sheer happiness! Our hearts are entirely full.' That's how the Marquez family described the joy of their new babies born this holiday season," the Memorial Health University Medical Center said.

The photo showed the family posing with Santa and his elf with their four babies in the hospital. Accordingly, the babies are named Jameson, Andrew, Joseph, and Delilah and had been staying in the hospital for a week already since their birth. The quadruplet, born at 33 weeks, is an addition to the couple's 5-year-old daughter.

The Memorial Health University Medical Center said Mariah had a "healthy pregnancy and gave birth to four beautiful babies" who are "now receiving highly specialized care" in their Level III NICU. Mariah delivered the babies via cesarean section. Of the four, Delilah had to undergo a major surgery last December 18. But despite that all of them are doing well.

"Our sweet nuggets are doing SO well. Our boys just need to work on eating and growing as much as they can. Our little Delilah has made so much progress in just one week since surgery. She's going to catch up to her brothers in no time!" Mariah confirmed in a Facebook post on Sunday.

Jose, who is a 3rd Infantry Division 5-7 Calvary Squadron of the United States Army stationed at Fort Stewart, revealed how special this year's celebration of Christmas is for him and his family. Jose also shared that despite, he appreciates the tremendous support he receives from the Army and the expert care his babies receive from the hospital.

"(Christmas is) much more special but it's hard knowing they won't be home with us and their big sister," Jose said.

"Everyone one here is amazing. The entire team has been fantastic," he added.

Mariah seconded this through her Facebook post through which she similarly shared difficulty of being separated from her newborns. Mariah nonetheless expressed gratitude to all the people who gave them encouragement and support.

"This is the most amazing, yet hardest Christmas we've ever had. We're so grateful for everything this year, but desperately wish our little squad could be here with us," Mariah said.

"I've been absolutely blown away by the kindness we've been shown lately by everyone, from family to people we just met to complete strangers. I never expected such an outpour of love for our (not so) little family," she continued.

"I can't tell you how much it means to me to have so much support from so many people and to have so many people sending positive thoughts, vibes, and prayers our way. I believe it really has helped so much, especially with the help of the most amazing nurses we could ask for in the NICU," she added.