Couple Elliott and Angela Turbeville gave six orphans from Georgia the surprise of their life by adopting them all for Christmas.

Live Action News said the couple have been fostering the children since 2019 but these orphans did not have any clue of what will be happening for Christmas. Accordingly, one of the orphans was a 10-year-old girl who wished that she would be adopted this Christmas. The little girl was met beyond surprise when she and her five other siblings--all brothers--where adopted by the Turbevilles into one family.

"They've asked for two years, they just want to stay, they just want to be adopted," Angela told the Ledger-Inquirer.

"They have zero clue that this is happening," she added.

The children, whose names have been disclosed for privacy purposes and whose ages range from 7 to 14, were told of the great news this week at the Turbeville's home in Green Island Hills.

The Turbevilles and their biological daughter, Isabella, set up the surprise which included decorating their front lawn with the sign, "It's adoption day." Elliott documented it through his phone while Isabella brought a box of 120 donuts to the front door of their house from the lawn.

One of the orphans opened the front door and was surprised with what he saw. The rest of the siblings followed and almost in chorus asked, "We're adopted?"

Angela confirmed with, "Today, we're going to court to be adopted."

The children screamed in appreciation and exchanged hugs with their parents and one another.

"Coming right before Christmas, this is like the perfect time...I'm just amazed and excited because we've been waiting for this a long time," the 13-year old boy exclaimed.

The boy later revealed to Ledger-Enquirer how being adopted changes everything, especially in giving him a sense of security in the home of the Turbevilles. He highlighted the many hardships they've encountered and expressed appreciation for his new parents.

"We've been through a lot of stuff that shouldn't have happened. Our parents should have taken care of us. But now, we have these parents that actually take care of us and feed us every day. They put me in my place when I'm in trouble. They just do everything right," he said.

The boy also disclosed how difficult and frustrating it was that he and his siblings used to live in different foster homes. But the Turbevilles changed all that, especially now that they have all been adopted into their family.

Angela similarly shared relief that the children would finally be legally theirs and compared it to reaching the "end of a marathon," especially with the seventh sibling still in the works of being adopted.

"I'm just happy the day is finally here and that everybody will have the same last name," Angela disclosed.

"I feel like I'm almost at the end of a marathon," she added.

Elliott shared the same sentiments nothing how "happy" he was "to see how surprised" the children "were and how happy they are."

The Turbevilles and the children then went to the Government Center courtroom and met with Superior Court Judge Maureen Gottfried for the formalization of their adoption. Gottfried approved the adoption and revealed how "very thrilled" she was about it.

"These kids y'all are getting what you deserve as children, to be able to be raised in a happy house and taken care of, loving each other, loving your parents and just having everything be great. So I'm very thrilled to be able to sign off on all these," Gottfried said.