A U.K. paper called The Cheltenham Post, which described itself as a "free independent newspaper" published a full page story on September 24, 2021 about the Yellow Card's recording of COVID vaccine adverse effects. The Yellow Card database is run by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), an executive Agency of the Department of Health and Social Care of the U.K.

The MHRA runs the Yellow Card Scheme, in which people can report "suspected side effects to medicines and vaccines or medical advice and diagnostic adverse incidents used in coronavirus treatment." The scheme "relies on voluntary reporting of suspected safety concerns or incidents by healthcare professionals and members of the public (patients, users, or carers)." The purpose of the scheme is to "provide an early warning that the safety of a product may require further investigation."

According to the page published by The Cheltenham Post, "there are no long-term studies on the effects of the COVID vaccine." It pointed out how mRNA vaccines such as the Pfizer and Moderna jabs being used primarily in the U.S. and other western countries "have never previously been used on humans" and that the phase 3 COVID vaccine trials "end in 2023 meaning those vaccines are experimental." The story argued that "COVID vaccines have not been approved for public use and have been authorised for emergency use only." More importantly, the story highlights how "the vaccine companies cannot be sued for any harm caused."

Speaking of harm, the Yellow Card Scheme had recorded almost 1.2 million injuries related to the COVID vaccine as of September 8, 2021. There were a total of 1,645 deaths at the time. According to an accompanying table in the story, there were several reactions to the vaccine that caused injuries and deaths after getting the AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Moderna vaccines.

The most common side effect was fever, followed by nervous system disorders, cardiac disorders, respiratory disorders, nasopharyngitis, vascular disorders, blood disorders, muscle and tissue disorders, skin disorders, pregnancy, congenital disorders, reproductive and breast disorders, hepatic/endocrine disorders, renal and urinary disorders, metabolic disorders, psychiatric/social disorders, immune system disorders, eye and ear disorders, and surgical and medical procedures.

The full page story from September 2021, which went viral on social media this week, claims that MHRA estimates only about 1 to 10% of injuries are reported in the U.K. As of September 8, 2021, 1,075 of AstraZeneca vaccine takers died, while 526 Pfizer vaccine takers passed away. Only 16 Moderna vaccine takers died after getting the vaccine.

The story also looked at the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a similar system in the U.S. and reported that in the U.K., there has been 1,196,813 injuries, while in the European Union, there has been up to 2,292,967 injuries. In the U.S., the injuries were up to 3,146,691 as of September 8, 2021. There were also a total of 1,645 deaths in the U.K., 24,528 deaths in the European Union, and 14,506 deaths in the U.S.