Cincinnati Bengals head coach Zac Taylor on Monday spoke to the media ahead of Super Bowl Opening Night. Taylor is the head coach of the Ohio-based football team, which he has been working with since 2019.

The Bengals, which defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in an overtime on January 30 game with the score 34-31, is finally advancing to its first Super Bowl since 1988, the Christian Headlines reported. Taylor admitted, "Our guys are excited for the opportunity to prove ourselves once again that we belong here and we can win this game."

When asked about how how faith, family, and football plays a role for him in preparing for the Super Bowl on Sunday, he replied, "In that order...That's how I was raised and certainly I'm a believer, and believe that my faith has put us in a position to do some really special things."

Taylor explained, "My family is very important. I think all of our coaches' and players' families are a big part of this, the support systems that we have at home."

Taylor also spoke highly of his wife, Sarah Sherman, daughter of former Green Bay Packers' head coach Mike Sherman. The pair, who met at the University of Nebraska, have been married since 2008 and share four children together. He said, "I've got the best wife going around and she's been so supportive. It's difficult for them too, and they get to enjoy these moments just as much as we do."

Sherman shared in an interview with that it was her mother who taught her how to manage being a coach's wife, as she was one as well. Taylor's wife recounted how her mother "remained calm in tough times, no matter my dad's role" and "always made sure to have a life and friends outside of football." Sherman remarked that her mother "always took us to church." Now that she is a mother and a coach's wife, she would "ask her questions constantly."

Sherman added that prioritizing God no matter what challenges arise has kept her family grounded. She recounted how facing a "heavy loss season" would make her think about how truly blessed they are for Taylor to have a job, as he has "[worked] really hard to get where he is."

Sherman said, "If you remain strong in your faith and keep God and family No. 1 in your life, it is incredible how this profession can bless you."

Taylor agreed, saying that when he is with the team, he enjoys the special moments they have together. But coming home is also a treat, adding that "I also love going home and seeing the excitement on my family's faces when we've done all these great things that we've done recently."

Taylor is the NFL's second youngest head coach in its entire history. The youngest is in fact Taylor's most recent boss and Rams coach, Sean McVay, who is only 36.