Amidst Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's unprecedented legal action against opponents of COVID vaccine and mask mandates, Samaritan's Purse CEO Rev. Franklin Graham has declared his support for the protesters.

The Canadian PM has taken drastic actions to address the Freedom Convoy protests, but many are still supporting the cause, including Rev. Graham.

"[Prime Minister] Justin Trudeau invoking the Emergencies Act, which gives the [government] more power to 'restore order' in response to the Freedom Convoy protests," Rev. Graham wrote on Twitter, as reported by Faithwire. "The truckers are actually the ones who are trying to restore order by defending the freedoms of Canadians!"

Jason Kenney, the Premier of Alberta, also expressed displeasure over Prime Minister Trudeau's strategies in dealing with the Freedom Convoy, arguing that the use of the Emergencies Act will only "further inflame and potentially prolong the protests," NPR reported.

Rev. Graham agreed, writing, "Could this be a Canadian revolution? They want freedom - [and] they need our prayers."

The reactions from Rev. Graham and Kenney came after the Canadian Prime Minister invoked the federal Emergencies Act, which empowers the national government to "seize cars and trucks, suspend drivers' insurance policies, and even place freezes on protest participants' personal and corporate bank accounts," CBN News reported.

Trudeau began the week on Monday by issuing a dire warning, saying, "You don't want to end up losing your license, end up with a criminal record, which will impact your job, your livelihood, even your ability to travel internationally, including to the U.S."

The Canadian PM declared during a press conference that the Emergencies Act, which has never been used before, will be limited in time and scope and that he is not yet planning on deploying the military. This has led some to call the Canadian leader a "totalitarian."

CBN News reported that social media dean Darrell B. Harrison of Pastor John MacArthur's Grace to You ministry said on Twitter that "Y'all are gonna get enough of electing these young, power-hungry, totalitarian turks." Not the Bee notes that the Canadian leader will have to seek approval from the Commons and the Senate and convince them that there is "a true emergency here worth invoking the act over."

Meanwhile, Freedom Convoy organizers continue to hold their ground on Parliament Hill. The Epoch Times reported that on Monday, organizer Tamara Lich said that the group is "not afraid" and that every time the government decides to "further suspend our civil liberties," their "mission becomes clearer."

"We will remain peaceful, but planted on Parliament Hill until the mandates are decisively ended," Lich declared. She highlighted how they acknowledge the "democratic process" that they will continue to abide by.

Lich concluded that Canadians "should be surprised" that such "an extreme measure" is being used by the Canadian Prime Minister and his administration against the peaceful protest. Former Newfoundland premiere Brian Peckford underscored, "This is again government overreach. We don't do these kinds of things in Canada. We engage in dialogue."