The unborn can "consent" to their termination according to claims made by psychologist Claudette Nantel in the article, "Conscious Abortion: Engaging The Fetus In A Compassionate Dialogue."

Pro-life news media Live Action News reported that Nantel encourages women to communicate with the unborn to ask their permission for their abortion. This is after women have told the unborn of their love for them and their goodbye.

Nantel defines a "fetus" as "an unborn baby in its mother's womb, at any time from conception to birth" - an odd admission of a "fetus" being alive and human yet can be aborted.

The psychologist stressed the importance of women having a "heart-to-heart conversation with her baby in the womb, explaining how this is not a good time for her to raise a child, reassuring them that they are deeply loved."

The pro-life outlet also cited several other psychologists who recommend the same. Another counselor is PH Fairfield who wrote about it in an article published by the Journal of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health. Fairfield echoed Nantel on the matter of letting the unborn feel their "deep love and concern" for them before asking them "to leave."

"With deep love and concern, ask [the baby] to leave. Let yourself feel the divine love and connection with them, then tell them that it is not time for them to come in, or that you would like them to come back at a later time," Fairfield said.

Fairfield added that the baby hopefully will choose to leave through a miscarriage and, if not, abortion is endorsed as the next step.

While M Axness, another practitioner, said the same sentiments in "To Be Or Not To Be: Prenatal Origins Of The Existential 'Yes' v. The Self Struggle." Axness provided tips on how women can communicate with the unborn to get their consent for abortion.

Axness claimed this could be done "through prayer, imagination, art, letter, dance, song--a level of communication with the newly arrived being in their wombs through which they explain to the baby that it isn't the right time for him or her to come and that it is necessary to separate."

Nantel cited a particular case of a woman who have had multiple abortions. The woman disclosed that she followed "conscious abortion" and was able to "talk" to the two babies before the procedure. The woman believes that the babies agreed to their abortion and existed only to "giver her a life lesson."

She said doing the conscious abortion "had a tremendous healing effect on the guilt and angst which" she "carried a long time during and after" her "first abortion."

Live Action News pointed out that the recommendations of these counselors were but a way to ensure abortion remains to be "acceptable." The reality is, "conscious abortion" twists the fact that it asks the mother to murder their own child.

"The phenomenon of 'conscious abortion' is about twisting reality to make abortion acceptable, even while admitting it's killing babies. If doctors, counselors, and women having abortions believe the baby has no objections, they don't have to feel guilty," the pro-life organization said.

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