Evangelist Franklin Graham revealed that he has written Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky, requesting for a ceasefire of the Russia-Ukraine war on April 10 to 24, in time for this year's Easter celebration.

"...I shared with them that I will be calling on churches in Ukraine, Russia, and around the globe to join together in prayer during those 10 days. May we humbly unite before the King of kings and the Lord of lords, the Prince of Peace, to ask for His help and mercy," he wrote on  Facebook, reported by The Christian Post.

Rev. Graham said that he was moved to do such given the Russians' horrible devastation in Ukraine, primarily on the innocent people. He unveiled that he was able to see the destruction himself when he visited the war-torn country for the humanitarian efforts of Samaritan Purse and Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

"...This is a man-made disaster, a historic humanitarian crisis-and I believe God is the only solution. I am urging Christians around the world to pray for God to work in the hearts of leaders involved and to intervene and bring peace and an end to the conflict," the evangelist pointed out.

He went on to explain that he merely asked for a ten-day ceasefire but hopes that it will continue for a longer period of time and even for good.

In conclusion, he urged his followers to pray.

"I pray there will be an end to this horrible conflict even sooner-Today! But if not, maybe this could be a starting point. Will you join me in this prayer?" Rev. Graham stated.

The Ukrainian military has regained control of the areas around Kyiv after the Russian forces retreated.  But the latter were accused of committing war crimes following the discovery of their barbaric treatment towards civilians in the towns they temporarily conquered.

In Bucha, dead bodies were reportedly found to have been shot in the head with their hands tied, appearing to have been tortured before being killed.

MI6 chief Richard Moore called this practice "execution-style killings," which he described as "horrifying and chilling."

A mass grave was also discovered at the grounds of the Church of St. Andrew Pyervozvannoho All Saints, where about 300 victims are believed to be buried.

In Irpin, bodies of civilians were said to have been booby-trapped with explosives.

The mayor in Motyzhyn was also murdered while in captivity. 11 other mayors and leaders across the country are currently being held by the Russian troops.

Moore disclosed that summary executions are part of Putin's invasion plan.

Russia, however, claimed that the allegations are merely staged by Ukraine, calling them "provocation by Ukrainian radicals."

With the news of its retreating forces in the Ukrainian capital, North Atlantic Treaty Organization Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg warned against Russia's change in strategy, saying that what it is doing is "not real withdrawal" but only "re-positioning" its troops to rearm, reinforce and resupply them.

He also cautioned that the attacks will continue, raising his concern over the possible intensification of Russia's assaults in the southern and eastern regions of Ukraine.