A man claims that "drugs" caused "demons" to "possess" him when he brutally murdered his own mother.

New relevations have surfaced surrounding the horrific murder of 74 year old Theresa Graham by her own son, 48 year old Yeurashka Graham. An autopsy report released by the El Paso County Coroner revealed that the body of the old woman was found after a structure fire that occurred in May 2021.

KRDO reported that the 74 year old died as a result of "blunt and sharp force injuries with strangulation." On May 10, 2021, authorities responded to a fire at W. Cheyenne Road after the Colorado Springs Fire Department found a body on the property. The autopsy report said that Theresa was "found on the ground under a tarp, grill, and other items after a fire at her home."

El Paso County Coroner Dr. Leon Kelly reported that there were "several bodily injuries including head and neck contusions, a stab wound to the forehead, rib fractures, a ruptured and pulpified spleen, and a hyoid fracture." The 74 year old also suffered a stab wound to her left forehead and 16 other incise wounds on her wrists and arms.

Fox 21 News reported that on the same night of the fire, the police also received a report of a head-on collision on the north side of Colorado Springs. Reports said that a pickup truck driven by Yeurashka intentionally hit other cars and even chased the other driver involved in the collision.

Documents revealed that Yeurashka fled from Foothills Farm Way and was later in Sword Dancer Drive, where he was wielding a metal pole and destructing cars in the area. Upon arriving on the scene, officers witnessed an agitated Yeurashka yelling about God and Jesus. He also threw a metal pole at a police department patrol sergeant and charged and threatened to kill the officer. Following a violent struggle, Yeurashka was taken into police custody.

Yeurashka later confessed to killing his own mother, Faithwire reported. On Monday, the 74 year old woman's son was arrested for her murder. 

"I killed my mother. I did it on I think Mother's Day, but it wasn't me," Yeurashka alleged. "I was possessed by demons. Drugs made me do it. Drugs put the demons in me."

Yeurashka was in jail for attacking an officer when authorities named him a suspect in his mother's death. In late March, the Colorado Springs Police Department released a statement saying that detectives had "developed probable cause" and sought an arrest warrant for the 48 year old. The arrest warrant was then served while Yeurashka was at the El Paso County Jail "on a separate incident."

Meanwhile, Yeurashka also made claims from jail while talking to his father. The 48 year old claimed that a neighbor who he believed was Christian "is actually a demon." He allegedly blames the neighbor for placing a demon inside him. He added that the neighbor wanted to use a crystal to help heal him, but that when she did, everything went haywire.

"That was the switch. That's what put the demon into me," Yeurashka was quoted as saying in court documents. "That's when I went nuts."

According to KDRO-TV, the neighbor admitted to speaking with Yeurashka about accepting Jesus. She said that Yeurashka did accept Jesus before leaving her home. She also gave him a crystal to help him heal from his issues. Yeurashka was charged with first degree murder and tampering with a deceased body. He is set to appear in court in May.