A Christian author tackled the significance of women in society, emphasizing that the Lord Jesus Christ Himself initiated the movement on empowering women.

"... Jesus championed the equality of women. He didn't just value them-He promoted them," Kris Vallotton wrote on Charisma Magazine.

Vallotton is a senior associate leader at Bethel Church in California and co-founder of the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. He is also an international speaker and author of numerous books.

The author said that Jesus stood up for the broken and extended His blessing to the people who are hurting, including women. Years later, however, Valloton noted that this teaching has been neglected by the church and the oppression of women continued to persist.

"I'd propose it's not just an injustice, but that the body of Christ is deprived of key nutrients when women are not in their rightful place in leadership," he pointed out.

"The Lord was strategic and creative in His design in the body of Christ. He gifted His church with the diverse design between male and female," Valloton further said.

He went on to explain this diversity by sharing the statement of Libby Gordon, manager of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry Online.

"Male and female are created differently and uniquely. As a mother, it's not just a tender love; it is fierce and strategic-we resemble a side of God. We carry a strength like a lioness, that goes forth and retrieves the prey," Gordon stated.

Gordon's words resonate Sushmita Sen's answer to the final question at the Miss Universe 1994, which catapulted herself into history as the very first Indian woman to seize the crown for her country.

Asked about the "the essence of being a woman," Sen replied that motherhood is one of its reasons. She also emphasized that being a woman itself is "a gift of God."

Valloton declared that the discrimination against women continues simply because of mankind's "real enemy in the world" - the devil, which began in the Garden of Eden when God cursed the serpent for tempting Eve to sin against Him in Genesis 3:15.

This, the author said, is the reason why "demonic warfare is focused on women."

To counter this predicament, he urged the latter to rise up and claim their destiny.

"...it is your time to rise up-we need you to step into the fullness of your destiny and lead as matriarchs in every sphere of society," Valloton advised.

Towards the conclusion of his article, the author said that he prays for women to be filled with vision for their lives as women of their time. He also encouraged them to pray for God's revelation of their "unique gifts."

To men, on the other hand, Valloton called for them to pray on how the LORD wants them to empower and support the women in their lives.