A Los Angeles-based filmmaker and author active in helping churches through the media raised if Christians would respond to the Walt Disney Company's woke agenda for children.

In an op-ed in ChurchLeaders, Cooke Media Group Founder and CEO Phil Cooke raised the need for parents and all Christians to respond to Disney's crusade against the Parental Rights in Education law. Cooke stressed that the company has revealed their all-out support for the LGBTQ+ community by creating programming that will surely introduce very young children to transexual ideology.

"I'm not here to argue about Disney's choices, but to encourage Christians that it's time to step up and produce high quality children's programming from a Biblical perspective," Cooke said.

Cooke, who authored "Unique: Telling Your Story In The Age Of Brands And Social Media," cited the response of The Daily Wire to Disney's actions. Cooke said the media outlet will commit $100 million for the production of a children's program that presents traditional values in contrast to that of Disney.

"But it's also time for Christians to invest in our kids," Cooke stressed.

Cooke explained that children's programs especially those on television have been done very poorly. He said this is what he has learned after working for Christian media for several decades. He pointed out that attempts to come out with better entertainment programs for children have failed repeatedly over time.

However, the media consultant pointed out that it is not yet too late. What is currently happening now with Disney presents an opportunity for Christians to act on the matter. He underscored that the present circumstances are a wake-up call for Christians on the need for higher quality children's programming.

"But now is the time to act. You can choose to cancel your Disney+ subscription or stop taking your kids to Disney movies, but that still doesn't offer a better entertainment alternative. Unless we back up criticism with action, nothing much will change, and the options for kids will shrink," Cooke continued.

"I'm not an expert in children's programming, but I'm putting the word out that it's time to make a difference," he concluded.

During The Daily Wire Company Townhall last Wednesday, co-CEO Jeremy Boreing made the announcement on creating animated and live-action children's entertainment on its streaming platform. The content will be made available by Spring of 2023 to Daily Wire subscribers.

Boreing pointed out that Americans have grown tired of giving money to woke companies who indoctrinate their children with "radical race and gender theory." Americans, he said, are tired of these companies who hate them and cancel them. Daily Wire then is giving Americans the alternatives they are looking for.

The co-CEO revealed that part of the production team is "VeggieTales" Ethan Nicole and Eric Branscum, who will develop content for the children. He said they initially intended to launch the program in November but leaked footage of Disney's company meeting prompted them to announce their undertaking ahead of time. The video was taken by Christopher Rufo and delved on Disney Executive Producer Latoya Raveneau who revealed increasing "queerness" in the company's content.

Boreing emphasized that the once-reliable resource for family and children's entertainment has become full of controversy. He teased that the "magic has left the kingdom. Time to build new things."