A viral TikTok clip promoting the importance of human life has been banned from the platform for not adhering to "multiple community guidelines," the pro-life group that made the video revealed.

In a release, pro-life organization Students for Life of America questioned why TikTok banned the viral video of SFLA President Kristan Hawkins of her speaking her stand regarding abortion on a Texas campus. Following the incident, the organization claimed that the application removed more than 35,000 of its followers when their account managers appealed the "futile ban."

SFLA wrote, "Perhaps they were afraid to have a real conversation...Unlike SFLA President Kristan Hawkins whose answers to the flustered questions from a University of Texas-San Antonio (UTSA) student during Hawkins' recent campus stop on her tour entitled The Future is Anti-Abortion has been a viral sensation."

The organization pointed out that the video that has been posted was going viral across many social media platforms, garnering nearly 2.2 million views on YouTube and counting. Yet, "TikTok was the only one to deem it a violation."

"What didn't TikTok like about it? SFLA account managers don't know because they were given no warning from TikTok ... and no way to appeal," SFLA said.

It wasn't the first attempt of TikTok to censor SFLA. The platform has previously taken down a video for "certain terms" and "community guidelines" violations and suddenly reinstated it once SFLA reached out for an explanation. 

As censorship became a hot topic in social media recently, the organization wondered "Will the pro-life movement make the cut of acceptable speech in this new era of censorship or be treated like those with differing climate views?" The organization argued that the left has been using big corporations to censor the pro-life movement.

The organization pointed out the importance of voicing its message in today's generation. As a sole national pro-life organization, they put all their efforts and dedication into equipping college, high school, medical and law students to become an effective human rights advocate, particularly in battling today's atrocity - abortion.  

SFLA said, "At the heart of this effort is the need for the pro-life message to be seen and heard by the generation most targeted for abortion-both when they were in the womb and now by an industry that wants to be paid to end their children's lives."

They also questioned the credibility of pro-abortion radicals, who according to the group were hiding or blocking the pro-life speech. They challenged, "What are they afraid of...the truth?"

According to The Christian Post, SFLA wasn't the first pro-life advocate to face censorship on social media. Last week, the pro-life website "Life News" claimed that Twitter "locked our account and threatened to permanently ban it for posting a picture of one of the five full-term babies aborted in our nation's capital, even though we followed Twitter rules by marking it sensitive."

Even the news outlet itself has been blocked from posting articles after reporting that "Biden administration official Rachel Levine is a man." CP contacted Twitter regarding the matter yet has not received a response by press time.