The 47-year-old Danica Mae McKellar, renowned for her role as Winnie Cooper in the 1980s TV series "The Wonder Years", revealed in an Instagram post last April 24 her newfound faith in Christ.

Danica McKellar, who is now a writer and active in various charities, told her 631,000 Instagram followers that she needed to do a live stream to share the new journey she recently embarked on. McKellar explained that she did not want to preach but just wanted to share the love she has in her heart.

"I just had to share what I'm experiencing, and to share a little why I believe it's taken me up to this point to begin this journey," McKellar stressed.

The actress went on to share her experience with Christianity from childhood. McKellar cited the hypocrisy she has seen in various forms of Christianity, which she found to be used for control, evil, and power throughout history. She stressed that this caused a negative impression on her for it biased her from the faith. She, however, revealed realizing one thing through all that experience.

"But that's just people, that doesn't represent God's actual love for us. And I can tell you I'm experiencing a relationship with God and Jesus that I've never had before, and it feels miraculous," McKellar said.

McKellar disclosed that her journey with Christ started one evening when she was struggling with the idea of forgiveness. That night, she got in touch with her good friend, Candace Cameron Bure, who happened to be a Christian actress and author herself. McKellar specifically asked Bure regarding a Bible passage the latter read in her Insta Stories. Bure responded by sending the actress a Bible and inviting her to church. That encounter then paved the way for her to find Christ and fully feel so much love in her heart.

"I am wishing all of you the love & freedom I feel in my heart on this journey, and a beautiful Sunday!" McKellar ended her post.

Bure, on the other hand, responded to the post and affirmed the great love God has for humanity. The author highlighted how God's love can sweep a person "up in understanding how powerful it is because He is, it's undeniable." Bure then assured her sweet friend that she is prayed for in her new-found journey and relationship with Christ, citing Ephesians 2:8-9.

As of writing, McKellar's live-streamed video was viewed 92,387 times and received a lot of positive responses from her followers. Many thanked the actress and affirmed God's love. Some even similarly shared their experience of receiving the beautiful gift of His love, that forever changed their lives.

As per CBN News, McKellar also answered followers' questions in the live stream regarding her spiritual journey, which began only two weeks ago--during Holy Week. McKellar recounted going to church and found it mind-blowing because of finding a lot of amazing love and peace, as well as, purpose. She said she finally understood what it was really like when people talked about Jesus.

McKellar highlighted the joy she feels in her heart that prompts her to always share about it with others, just like her social media followers. She went on to offer help to anyone in need of embracing things that feel good out of her belief that God put man on this planet to experience and spread joy.

While showing her Bible in the video, McKellar admitted that it takes energy to do such things. She underscored that it is only through the Bible that one could find the energy to embrace goodness and feel constant joy. The actress concluded that God would be willing to let anyone, like her, experience His omnipresent love when a person really wants it and is ready for it.