Evangelical Community Church Pastor Christian Lwanda spoke before church and ministry leaders, urging them not to send missionaries who were just skillful and talented but don't have confidence in God's Word at the recent "Together for the Gospel Conference."

To complete the last leg of the conference, the Kenyan-born Pastor capped his speech by pleading to church leaders not to spend the church's money to send and support missionaries who believe in something else other than the Word of God.

He emphasized a Pastor's accountability with God to preach the Word to bear fruitful next generation of leaders. He said, "Please send us people who are confident that it is the Word of God that will call the elect of God and build the Church of God, and raise indigenous pastors until they know in their bones that it is the Word that will do the work."

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Bearing Fruit Through God's Word

In his preaching, he cited 2 Timothy 3:14 to encourage fellow believers to put confidence in God's Word to accomplish the work that the Lord had given - to share the gospel. He proclaimed that God is without error. People can trust God the way Timothy persisted in God's Word, saying it's inerrant.

He argued that in doing God's work, people have to rely solely on God's Word in full confidence, citing his early lesson as a high school rugby player in Kenya.

He revealed that he misjudged a competitor of their team through their looks for his team had the best shoes and cleanest jerseys at that time. His realization began to sink in when a tackle hit him hard. He realized that he put his confidence in the wrong things and his shoes would not help him to win the game.

According to him, most people tend to put their confidence in something other than the Word of God. It's easy for people to have confidence in their wisdom, abilities, personal strength, and charisma. So, for the people to accomplish the work of God, people must believe the word of God.

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False Churches Sends False Teachers

As he emphasized the importance of upholding the truth of the Bible, he warned false Churches that "hiring and paying" many false teachers would let them "tickle their ears to Hell."

In August 2021, Mission Network News reported that despite Kenya having a significant "Christianity" presence, the country is still deprived of Gospel. One mission partner told Hellen Williams of the World Missionary Press that "cults and false teachers were rampant" in the slum area. They've been using money and programs to share false doctrines with people.

To embattle false teachings and of being led astray from the foundation of the Scriptures, Lwanda encouraged churches to be careful about where they should put their confidence as people's salvation "can only be found in faith in Christ Jesus." He pointed out missionaries must persist on God's Word alone and nothing else.