The Hillsong co-founder spoke out about her faith following rumors that she was being fired by the Australian megachurch.

Hillsong Church co-founder Bobbie Houston, who said in March that the megachurch had fired her via text message, now claims that she and her husband, Brian Houston are trusting in the "Courts of Heaven." She took to Instagram over the weekend to share an update on her and her husband's life after he resigned following two misconduct allegations were filed against him.

In an Instagram post, she acknowledged how many have "withdrawn from social media sites," calling the exodus "understandable" because there "a lot of negs attached" to such apps. She lamented that, "The enemy always hijacks the good stuff" and, "Darkness often turns what has enormous positive potential into something less noble [and] often destructive."

Hillsong Co-founder Reminds Followers of Their Continued Presence

In March, Brian Houston shared screenshots of his wife's conversation with a Hillsong Church board member that said they would send her an email regarding her employment at the megachurch, the Christian Post reported. The screenshot included Bobbie's response, which called the incident "cold and callous." Her husband said that the message was about the termination of her employment with Hillsong Church and that she was "made redundant (effective immediately) through no choice of her own." He also lamented that the church was "losing its soul." But Hillsong denied that the text message was sent to fire her from her job.

On Sunday, Bobbie wrote on Instagram, "For those interested we are still here. Pressing on with trust in the Living God [and] the righteous Courts of Heaven."

Bobbie also issued a warning to "enemies of the Cross," saying that they must not forget that things concerning "His Son [and] His Bride plays out ultimately before the Courts of Heaven." She reminded them that there is a "holy Heavenly Father" who is watchful and "redemptive."

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Hillsong Church Continues to Be Plagued with Controversies

Brian Houston resigned from Hillsong Church on March 23, but that has not stopped the controversies from impacting the church. In fact, in April, a senior member of the megachurch wrote an explosive letter to the board, criticizing how Hillsong handled the complaints against its founder and his lifestyle, The Guardian reported.

In a letter dated March 19, John Mays, the church's head of people and development, recommended that both Brian and Bobbie Houston should be let go, accusing Brian of "[considering] himself beyond disciplinary boundaries," which he defied "without further recourse from those responsible for his discipline."

Mays also denounced how Hillsong employees were made to believe insulting "dribble" from the megachurch's board to explain Brian's presence in a woman's hotel room in a conference back in 2019, the subject of one of his two misconduct complaints. He argued further that the directors who were managing the situation should also consider resigning because they "failed in their governance and fiduciary obligations."

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