Skillet's John Cooper just spoke about being encouraged to "disassociate from Christianity" if he intended to be truly successful in his career while on tour to promote the band's latest track "Surviving the Game." He opted to follow Christ's path.

Cooper said in a recent interview with Focus on the Family that a businessman tried to convey how many opportunities he had a decade ago, but the condition was that he should stop focusing on Jesus.

After a gig, he recounted, a man singled him out to talk to him. He said that their band could be the next biggest band in the world, emphasizing their good looks, unique sound, and girl members in the band. The gentleman then cautioned Cooper about his Christian religion, which he claimed was preventing him from achieving true popularity.

Cooper should dissociate himself from Christianity, he says, by not talking about Jesus so much, not doing Christian interviews, and not performing at Christian music festivals. If people asked Cooper what his songs were about, he urged "don't offer up the information about Jesus."

"This is what got me," the Skillet frontman said. The man let him believe that he can do something for his faith without telling everyone about Jesus, offering him riches and fame.

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Speaking Against Twisted Truth

Cooper thought he had been called by God to sing about the Gospel and spread the message. He shared the conversation with his wife and prayed about it. He knew it wasn't the Lord because it was virtually instantaneous. He said this was a "defining moment" in his career.

He explained, "It kind of sounded like the truth, but it was not the truth." He explained that the devil can alter things to make them sound true and that this is when you're in danger. That night was crucial since it prepared him for a voyage focused on his main objective. He realized he couldn't keep his mouth shut about Christ; in fact, he needed to speak up more.

The musician argued that people's perceptions of truth and their readiness to manipulate situations had shifted. And if this is going to be new - a new world, a new culture, a new manner that people are trying to guide Christians into a new kind of activity that is void of the true Gospel of Christ - he knows he has to speak out against it.

Declaring War Against The Deconstruction Movement

A prominent Christian rock band's main singer-songwriter has publicly criticized the so-called "deconstruction" movement. Cooper made the remarks at the Winter Jam performance in Des Moines, Iowa, which featured a multi-artist Christian music tour.

In a video clip from a concert in January that's gone viral, Cooper said, "There is no such thing as divorcing Jesus Christ from the Bible." He said he doesn't hate Christians who deconstructed from faith. He's praying for their repentance, noting that they separated from God.

He also cautioned that these individuals intended to abduct as many people as possible. He declared war on the deconstructionist Christian movement, which he saw as idolatry.

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