A new poll revealed that most Americans are not only opposed to transgender surgeries for children, but also believe that "transgenderism" is an unhealthy belief.

On Tuesday, Summit Ministries and McLaughlin and Associates released a new survey that revealed how a vast majority of American voters are in fact opposed to transgender surgeries performed on minors. Additionally, most American voters believe that "transgenderism" is unhealthy for a person.

Breitbart reported that according to the results of the survey, 64% of American voters who provided an opinion said that "transgenderism" is an unhealthy condition. Up to 90% of the survey respondents said that they are against minors undergoing permanent gender alteration surgeries. Additionally, 90% of survey repondents belive that the medical professionals who perform transgender surgeries and procedures should be fully transparent and "required by law to disclose the common, long-term medical and psychological impact of such procedures."

Transgender Activists Are the Minority

The new Summit Ministries/McLaughlin and Associates survey reveals that trangender activists, who have attacked attempts at protecting children from permanent surgeries are in fact the minority. These very same transgender activists have denounced measures passed by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas, who was criticized for ordering the state to investigate child transgender procedures and label it "child abuse" under existing state laws.

The survey also asked respondents on their opinion on gender issues being discussed in classrooms. In particular, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida signed a law that prohibited classroom discussions on sexual orientation and gender identity for students in kindergarten up to third grade. Leftists and mainstream media were quick to label the measure the "Don't Say Gay" bill even if it does not prohibit the use of the word "gay" and does not single out a specific sexual orientation.

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Survey Respondents Agree: Schools Should Not Teach LGBT Agenda

The survey showed that majority of respondents or 72% "do not believe schools should teach about sexual identity and sexual behavior with elementary-age children." Additionally, 30% said that teaching such topics to young students is "dangerous and could lead to children being groomed for sexual encounters at a young age."

Another insight gleaned from the survey is the question on the differences between men and women, a question that radical leftists have turned into a debate. Up to 93% of American voters said that it is possible to distinguish between men and women. Seven percent disagreed. The survey was conducted between April 22 and 26 among 1,000 general election voters in the U.S.

Despite widespread condemnation of the LGBT agenda, New York lawmakers announced new legislation to protect access to care and rights for transgender individuals, the Democrat & Chronicle reported. New York Sen. Brad Hoylman and Assemblymember Harry Bronson introduced the "Trans Safe Haven legislation" to protect transgender rights. California and Minnesota have introduced similar measures as well.

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