Evangelist and Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) CEO Franklin Graham is currently in the United Kingdom for his "God Loves You" tour to preach and minister to believers despite the criticism he has received from LGBT activists. Graham had been criticized by Welsh Labour Party politician Mark Drakeford over his biblical stand on marriage. The UK politician called the evangelist "a preacher of hate" for standing by those views. Graham offered a simple explanation as to why he stands by those views.

"Their criticism is a lie. They say, I'm a preacher of hate," Graham told Premier Christian News. "The reason they say I'm a preacher of hate is because I say that marriage is between a man and a woman. And it is. What I do is I answer reporters' questions. Well, what do you think about gay marriage? Well, it's a sin. That's what the Bible calls it."

UK Minister Criticizes Evangelist's Views on Marriage

Graham's "God Loves You" tour took the evangelist to Riverpool on May 14, and will take him to Sheffield on May 25, and the Emmanuel Centre in London on June 20 and ExCel London on July 16. But not everyone was particularly excited about his visit. The Welsh First Minister expressed his "regret" over Graham's "God Loves You" tour stop in Wales.

Drakeford told Christian Today that he felt "sorry" to see someone like Graham with a biblical stand on marriage "given a platform to express them" in Wales. He remarked that the evangelist's views "absolutely do not reflect any that the Welsh Government would be prepared to endorse or sanction." But Graham believes this criticism is unfair.

The 69 year old father of four said that he is not "offending" people but instead "God's offending them" because of his message. Graham explained that his message "is not against gay people, or people that think differently or worship differently to us." Instead, he argued, his message is "a message about love."

Graham acknowledged that the church will always have its own critics. He called them "the ones that turned on Him." He said he expected to have criticism and that many churches are now "compromised." He expressed how there is now "division within the church."

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Graham Calls For Christians to Rise Up

Instead of focusing on the criticism, Graham is instead calling upon "an army of young evangelists" to go and preach the Gospel, the Christian Post reported. He said that Christians must not allow just "one act of violence" to stop the Gospel. Instead, Graham believes that the Gospel should be a "recruiting tool" for other evangelists to stand up adn "not be afraid and not be ashamed."

During his sermon in Liverpool, Graham mentioned that people have a certain "vacuum" of "emptiness" inside them that only God can fill. He urged the faithful to find out God's plan for them and His purpose for their lives. He also reminded his followers that "Jesus Christ is our anchor" throughout all of life's trials and tribulations.

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