House Speaker Nancy Pelosi joined Joe Scarborough in a segment of "Good Morning Joe" on Tuesday to open up for the first time about her being banned by San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone from taking communion due to her views on abortion.

While talking about the issue of abortion and the possible overthrowing of Roe v. Wade, Scarborough claimed that Pelosi is allegedly living out the Gospel of Matthew by serving the truly disadvantaged. Scarborough argued that Jesus didn't mention abortion in the Gospel yet he commanded people to give water to the thirsty, feed the hungry, clothe the poor, and bring hope to those in need to be welcomed into the Kingdom of God.

In response, Pelosi claimed without any basis or explanation that the gospel was a sort of agenda of the church that was rejected by pro-lifers.

Pelosi Claims Abortion Being Politicized

She also claimed that if the justices decided to demolish the 1973 case that legalized abortion nationwide, it would be "very dangerous" to many lives of the American people which she claimed was an inconsistency with the Gospel of Matthew.

Pelosi said that she came from a largely pro-life Italian-American Catholic family, and she respects the opposite view regarding abortion. What she doesn't accept is "foisting" people's views and opinions on other people. She strongly suggested hampering women for the sake of politics to decide on their own was an insult to them. "This should never have been politicized," she said.

The pro-abortion Democrat further claimed that the issue of abortion is just a cover-up for other things that the far-right wanted to achieve.

Meanwhile, Scarborough accused religious leaders of denying people religious practice over a political issue that according to him, "Jesus never once mentioned in the Gospels." He claimed Christ failed to discuss abortion despite the fact it was both a political and a philosophical topic in Ancient Greece and Rome during the time of Jesus' earthly ministry.

He concluded that it was a bit strange for Him not to discuss that when He was always clear in His commandments. He posited that these religious leaders missed that simple truth. Then he proceeded to claim that salvation comes from good deeds alone.

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Theological Claims Corrected

Faithwire noted that the theological statements of Pelosi and Scarborough surprisingly weren't challenged at all during the interview. The outlet explained that loving others is absolutely a central experience of being a Christian, but it is also tied to another commandment which is to Love God above all. The New Testament includes the call to embrace Jesus Christ for He is the only way to salvation as stated in John 3:16. So, stating that eternal rewards that came from deeds alone would be wrong.

The report also said that the issue of taking human life wasn't just a blanket issue which Pelosi claimed in the segment. It was a "violation of the biblical principles across the canon."

Amidst the ban, she reportedly took her communion in Washington, D.C. from a church that doesn't plan to bar pro-choice politicians, despite her views and remarks.

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