Republican Congress leaders have introduced legislation seeking to define what a woman is.

A new resolution introduced by Republicans in both chambers of Congress earlier this month seeks to define words such as "woman," "man," "mother," and "father" on the basis of biological sex. The "Women's Bill of Rights," which was sponsored by Republican Rep. Debbie Lesko from Arizona, adds legal protections to women under federal law.

According to The Blaze, H. Res. 1136 notes that establishing a standard for identifying people on the basis of their biological sex is vital to societal stability. The measure reads that there are "important reasons to distinguish between the sexes with respect to athletics, prisons, domestic violence shelters, restrooms, and other areas, particularly where biology, safety, and privacy are implicated."

GOP Measure Seeks to Protect Biological Women's Rights by Defining 'Man' and 'Woman'

The Republican Congress' proposed legislation acknowledges that males and females have "unique and immutable biological difference that manifest prior to birth and increase as they age and experience puberty" and that "biological differences between the sexes can expose females to more harm than males from specific forms of violence, including sexual violence."

The bill defending what a "woman" is also defies left-wing beliefs, stating that only women are able to get pregnant, give birth to a child, and breastfeed infants. It also strictly defines "mother" as "parent of the female sex" and "father' as "parent of the male sex" under federal law.

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Rep. Mary Miller of Illinois who is leading the resolution told The Hill, "The radical Left has launched an attack on biology because they want to put themselves above God and they want to brainwash our daughters with their woke-ism."

The House version of the resolution is backed by 11 co-sponsors and was promoted by the Republican Study Committee. Meanwhile, the measure's Senate version was introduced by Republican Sens. Cindy Hyde-Smith of Mississippi, Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming, and Ted Cruz of Texas.

GOP Bill Introduced to Defend Women's Rights from Leftist Attacks

Indiana's Republican Rep. Jim Banks, who serves as the Republican Study Committee chairman, underscored the importance of the proposed legislation to protect biological women from leftist attacks. He argued that the modern Democratic Party has "put the Left's woke agenda before the rights of women" by refusing to recognize that women exist and have "unique abilities." He described "radical liberals" who sought to dismantle the "progress and protections" that many women throughout the decades have fought to achieve. Rep. Banks called upon other Republican leaders to "fight back and acknowledge these basic biological truths."

The Republican Study Committee press release revealed that H. Res. 1136 is also backed by several women's interest organizations such as Independent Women's Law Center, Concerned Women for America LAC, Women's Liberation Front, and the Eagle Forum.

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