Hillsong Young & Free singer-songwriter Aodhan King joined Sadie Robertson Huff on her podcast, "Whoa That's Good," to encourage young adults who are going through "stretching season."

The "Duck Dynasty" actress said many young adults often experience changes in their life as they pursue different things for their dreams. However, this season might be a difficult one for others knowing that many of them go to new places without friends or family. They might struggle alone emotionally and spiritually since they're away from their church.

Huff also shared that a "stretching season" can push people to their "maximum potential." Together with his husband, Christian Huff, they invited the 29-year-old gospel singer to share his personal experience of being a young adult who moved to Los Angeles, California from Sydney, Australia.

Have Faith And Relationship With God

King shared his personal experience with the listeners of Huff who were "going into college or graduating college and moving to new places." He said his transition to LA was smooth because he agreed to opportunities that challenged him.

He shared that he's blessed that Hillsong has an LA Campus that he described as "one house with many rooms." With the landscape of the campus, he easily found a family and community in the area. He knew that not all people had the same opportunity but he said, saying "yes" to things that would stretch people would strengthen their faith.

King encouraged the young adults who were in their "stretching season" right now to have faith in Jesus Christ and have a personal relationship with Him. It was a step of faith for him that he moved to America and he thanked God that He provided him with the right people. According to him, he was amazed to know friends he didn't know nine months before moving in.

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Stop Worrying For The Future

Huff agreed with King referencing Hebrews 11:8, saying how Abraham followed God's instructions despite odds and an unknown future. She said, "I've always loved that because he obeyed God before he knew what was going to happen."

She encouraged her listeners that it's okay to plan during "stretching season" but there are things that God can only know. What people can do is strengthen their faith and relationship with Him to avoid being in disarray with His good plans for the future.

People tend to be "control freaks" according to the podcast host. People be like, they wanted to obey God but along the way, they're the ones figuring and stressing about the future. So, faith in God is really important in this season, and trust that God can provide for all of their needs.

The singer-songwriter can relate to what Huff was saying. He shared that his transition from being a Hillsong Church worship leader to a global performer with Hillsong Young & Free was "anxiety-inducing." He struggled with pre-performance jitters and worried constantly about his future. What changed his perspective regarding fear was the biggest advice he received from his father.

His dad told him not to worry about the things that have not happened yet. Every time he overthinks, he's telling himself, "Alright, hasn't happened yet, don't overthink it."

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