Evangelist Franklin Graham voiced his sentiments over social media after President Joe Biden showed support for banning handguns, saying that government must focus on the main root of the problem.

In his Facebook post, Graham noted that banning a certain kind of gun would not help the problem. According to him, banning "all of the movies, television shows, and video games graphically depicting gun violence, bloody gore, and death" would make a difference.

The president of Samaritan's Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association indicated how America was fascinated by violence and regarded it as "entertainment." He said until the country had addressed this inner issue that would stimulate people from violence, these tragic incidents would be bound to happen again across the nation.

One more reason why this deadly incident continues to happen, per the evangelist, was the absence of God's morality in schools and families. According to Graham, people removed God from schools and homes when He is the sole "solution." He indicated the more people would turn their backs on God and His Word, the more problems would occur to individuals and nations.

Call For Government's Action

Last Sunday, the president and the first lady Jill Biden visited the bereaved family of the Robb Elementary School victims of the tragic Uvalde massacre. The first couple mourns the incident and spent a short time with the family.

He had heard urges from the crowd to make a move to stop the recent killings in the country. He said, "We will."

The following day when the U.S. President was asked by the press, "Good morning, Mr. President. Do you feel more motivated to get action on guns now?" he answered he was motivated. He shared that he witnessed the pain among the families. He added, "So I'm going to continue to push, and we'll see how this works."

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People's View On The Issue

Meanwhile, Graham's post garnered thousands of reactions from the people. Many agreed and disagreed with his points, while others shared also their sentiments as to why this problem exists.

A teacher expressed her thoughts saying the lack of mental illness facilities for people who could not live within society was to be blamed. According to her, mental illness caused people to act violently. She claimed that most people in jail were mentally challenged.

If the government can only identify those people and provided them with proper care and support like therapy and counseling, she said many of the same incidents would not happen. She added that children model what they see at home, if they see violent adults, they tend to believe it's normal. As a teacher, she observed that they acted those behaviors at school and taught her students proper behavior.

One of the commenters pointed out the gun was the problem. She argued that other countries also listen to American music, and watch American TV and movies but has no the same problem.

The other commenter agreed with Graham, saying "people have to focus on the root problem which is the breeding of violence in the hearts of young men."

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