A Christian Author narrated his journey toward God, shunning his drug abuse and gay lifestyle.

Bible professor and author Christopher Yuan looked back on how God saved him from his rebellion in his recent interview with CBN News.

Before writing successful books like "Out of a Far Country: A Gay Son's Journey to God," "A Broken Mother's Search for Hope," and "Holy Sexuality and the Gospel: Sex, Desire, and Relationships Shaped by God's Grand Story," Yuan was in total rebellion with God.

As a Chinese immigrant to the United States, his life as a child wasn't easy. His classmates would pick on him for being different. After being exposed to a pornographic material in his friend's house, at a young age he thought he was really different. Yuan said he's attracted to both men and women.

He kept this a secret for a long time but when he reached 20 years old, he started going to gay bars. Even more, he continued becoming sexually active behind his parents' and friends' backs.

Living In Drug Abuse And Homosexual Lifestyle

When he was away for dental school, Yuan chose to freely live a homosexual lifestyle. He felt liberated from the things he kept suppressing when he was younger. One day, he told his parents about his gender preference despite fear. His parents felt devastated and hopeless to know the truth about him. However, as a parent, they battled their predicaments through prayer.

He continued his dental course yet missed most of the classes because of his continued homosexual encounters and drug abuse. Aside from becoming a drug user, he also sold drugs across the country. Yuan got expelled from the school four months before his graduation and became a full-time drug dealer.

"I was treated like a superstar, and I felt that I was invincible. I felt like I was a god," he said.

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Mother's Answered Prayer

Despite what happened, his mother wailed unto the Lord for the redemption of his son. She offered prayers before starting her day saying, "Lord, have mercy on this son." His mother's prayer was answered with a knock on Yuan's door. He was caught red-handed by 12 federal drug enforcement agents. His drugs were all on his kitchen counter in plain sight. He was charged with 9.1 tons of marijuana.

While in jail, a Gideon's Bible caught his attention. It was his first time reading a Bible but he was convicted of his rebellion against the law of man and God. He faced all the consequences of his actions, serving a six-year sentence in jail and becoming HIV positive.

Yuan felt it was the end of his life but a scribble written on a bunk changed his perspective: "'If you're bored, read Jeremiah 29:11." It reads, "For I know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you." This verse got him through his sentence and sickness.

He turned to Bible alone and looked for justification for his homosexual life. He found nothing and decided to follow Jesus Christ. After his release, his relationship with his parents was restored, and became a bible professor for 12 years.

Yuan's darkest journey was used by God in shedding light on God's will regarding sexuality and God's redemptive power.

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