A former self-confessed witch who is now a devout Christian author recounts her past as a spell-casting "nomad" who found salvation in Jesus Christ.

Sarah Anne Sumpolec describes herself as an "author, pilgrim, and coffee addict," but the Christian blogger, podcaster, and writer did not find Jesus before going down a dangerous path. When she was younger, she admitted to being a teen witch who could cast spells and believe in the supernatural. But a near fatal experience had led her to Jesus Christ.

In a recent episode of "The Playing With Fire Podcast," Sumpolec recounted how she engaged with the spirit world as a teen witch and nearly lost her life before finding Jesus and salvation.

Teen Witch Sought the Supernatural to Get Closer With Dad

When Sumpolec was 13, she moved to Delaware with her family to what appeared was a "haunted" house that formerly belonged to a governor of the state. Her father at the time was insinuating that this was a special house" because it was "haunted," which he thought was "awesome."

Upon moving to the haunted house, Sumpolec's father introduced to her "the supernatural," giving her a book on witchcraft, which increased her interest in the otherworldly. The former teen witch recounted how her father gave her "a very old book" and began "voraciously reading" materials on New Age texts and witchcraft.

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In the hopes of fostering a closer relationship with her dad, Sumpolec dove deeper into witchcraft and the supernatural. The former teen witch's father even told her that witchcraft is "who we are as a family" and she soon identified herself as a 'good witch" who practiced "white magic," casting spells and such.

"I really felt like I had opened up this key of something that I was meant to do," Sumpolec said, explaining that "identity" is important when one is a teenager. "I had an entire altar set up in my bedroom."

Sumpolec later on realized, however, "Everything in witchcraft is a truth from God, perverted. Satan doesn't have any new ideas; he takes truth and twists it."

Teen Witch Went Down a Dangerous Path

Sumpolec explained that her relationship with her dad, which was the result of bonding over the supernatural, eventually unraveled. She explained that once she was into witchcraft, things "turned on its head."

"The enemy is all about seduction," the Christian author and blogger explained, as per CBN News. "He doesn't come in with this big evil intention...it's a slow luring in, and it's like, 'Oh, look at this power.'"

Sumpolec's father started to use drugs and at one point pointed a gun at her. Terrified, the former teen witch dived deeper into witchcraft in response to that trauma. It only led her to a darker place in her life, attempting suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning.

After her attempted suicide, Sumpolec awoke on the floor beside her car, unsure how she survived yet believing that she had been "rescued," as she could not recall stopping the car or getting out of it. Yet she found herself outside of the car beside a tree. The former teen witch said, "I fully believe an angel got me out of that car."

Once in college, Sumpolec turned her life around and began hanging out with Christians. The former teen witch eventually renounced witchcraft and embraced the Bible, which to her father was a "betrayal." But for Sumpolec, she felt like she was "transferred from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light."

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