In the face of so much violence and uncertainty in the world, Minneapolis' Kingdom Embassy Church Pastor Joshua Giles brings a flicker of hope through his new book.

A Minneapolis Pastor's Prophecies Become A Reality

CBN News reported that Pastor Joshua Giles was recently featured in "The Prayer Link" for his new book, "Prophetic Forecast: Insights For Navigating The Future To Align With Heaven's Agenda." The interview entailed a discussion on the pastor's insights on the global climate change, upcoming famine, and increase in fatal violence.

The book--which received a 5-star rating in Amazon--speaks of God's global reset that has begun as seen in the "unprecendented shaking" happening in various nations and systems in the planet. The book highlights prophetic insight from the Bible on God shining through all the chaos soon with His glory.

Giles shared that he had no idea the world would really experience what he was inspired to write about in 2015. The pastor disclosed this was while he was at church preaching.

"This book was kind of birthed out of global words that the Lord gave me. He really told me to sound the alarm. Let people know there's a demonic agenda in the earth but at the same time the Spirit of the Lord is going to be moving with one of the greatest revivals that we've ever seen and we're on the verge of that right now," Giles said.

Giles, who has been warning the public for years on what is currently happening, revealed in a Facebook video last December what God is saying for 2022. He cited the book of Deuteronomy regarding prophecies of an upcoming global famine.

Previously, Christianity Daily reported that experts have warned on the looming threat of global famine. The food experts have even urged the public to stuck up on food to prepare for this event, which may be experienced next year if the Russian invasion of Ukraine persists.

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The Uncertain Times The World Is In

Responsible Statecraft reported that military families are already experiencing challenges in the area of food security, based on the June 1 study released by the Center for Strategic and International Studies. The phenomenon has become widespread beyond one military base or one-third of the CSIS' survey respondents. Military experts underscored that this is a grave matter for it affects national security.

This is in the face of economists divided if the United States will experience a recession because of these turbulent times. Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute Chief Economist Phil Dean told KUTV that there is a 50% chance a recession will occur.

It is also possible, Dean said, that America can move forward without experiencing a recession. Dean pointed to the robust labor market amidst the noticeably skyrocketing prices of basic commodities. He said there is much uncertainty on how these two indicators will balance each other.

Speaking on the upcoming global famine, Giles suggested to store certain things but not to panic buy. He stressed following the wisdom of God through scripture as seen in the story of Joseph during the famine in Egypt and Israel.

The pastor also emphasized the need to store spiritually by taking the opportunity to work on one's intimacy with God. He said what is happening nowadays are signs of a spiritual shortage.

Speaking in the same context, Tyler Paper Columnist Dawn-Renee Rice stressed that the string of mass shootings such as the Uvalde massacre indicate a need to parent with love in these certain times. Rice stressed that children deserve a safe space, especially with their family. While the Hardvard Business Review headlined the importance of leaders staying positive during difficult and uncertian times.

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