The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) asked for prayers to resist church vandalism and abortion this coming Religious Freedom Week on June 22-29, promoting the theme "Life and Dignity for All."

During that week, each day the USCCB website would focus on different concerns which include "Walking with Moms in Need, a project run by the USCCB to help pregnant and parenting women in difficult situations; adoption and foster care; taxpayer funding for abortion; religious freedom in China; pregnancy resource centers; health care workers, and free speech."

Pray For Peaceful Worship

Specifically, on June 23 the church will be praying for Church vandalism. Recently, the leaked draft opinion in the Mississippi abortion case Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization caused multiple attacks, threats, and violence to churches and pro-life organizations.

Aaron Weldon, USCCB's religious liberty program specialist, told the Catholic News Agency that even before the draft ruling was leaked, the issue of abortion already caused a part of church vandalism. He said they expected this to become more prominent as the Dobbs decision approaches and abortion issues intensify. However, he noted that even nonreligious people would understand that people should be able to worship without fear of being assaulted in any way. "I think it's something we can all agree on," he added.

The USCCB was standing for religious freedom like free speech which every human was entitled to, living in a peaceful, nonviolent society. They emphasized that people should devote themselves to prayer, education, and public action during the week and promote freedom for all faiths.

They suggested a prayer point to counteract church vandalism, "Pray that Christian witness in the face of attacks on our churches will convert hearts to faith in Jesus Christ. The USCCB published information on the dangers of vandalism against religious sites to help people think about these issues. The article included incidents of recent damage to sacred locations, emphasizing the right to worship in peace and without fear.

They were also promoting it on social media as their engagement to parishioners. Weldon also urged people to communicate with their elected officials to help them with church vandalism and acts of hate directed at their faith group and other faith communities.


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Pray For Pregnancy Resource Centers

On June 27 the USCCB would lead prayers for Pregnancy Resource Centers. These pro-life advocates were also targeted by different pro-abortion activists. Several offices across the country were destroyed and also vandalized.

They urged people to pray for them as a support for women facing unprecedented pregnancies without making abortion an option. Pregnancy resources centers were offering a nonviolent option for expected parents who want to choose life, providing them with counseling and support. They also encouraged people to support the pregnancy centers financially or in kind.

Through the celebration of Religious Freedom Week, the USCCB acknowledged global incongruities on issues like abortion, foster care, healthcare, and other topics. However, they stood to "bear witness to the gospel of life" and assured that they will be serving every people who were affected by "discussions and outcomes" even in difficulty.

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