Most Americans are against allowing transgender athletes to compete in women's and girls' sports teams, a new poll has revealed. In fact, Americans oppose allowing biological males who transitioned to females to compete on women's teams by a margin of two-to-one.

The Christian Headlines reported that a new NPR/Ipsos poll conducted on 1,028 adults in the U.S. showed that 63% of Americans oppose "allowing transgender female student-athletes to compete on women's and girls' sports teams." Only 24% of adults were in favor of it.

The new poll also revealed a divide between party lines. Among Democrats, the opinion was split, with 41% opposing biological males who transitioned to females participating in women's and girls' sports teams, while 46% supported it. Meanwhile, independent voters showed an opposition to allowing transgender female athletes to compete in women's sports by three-to-one ratio, or 63% in opposition versus 21% in support.

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Transgender Rights Have Become a Political Issue

Ipsos Vice President Mallory Newall explained to NPR that a very small percentage of Republican support for transgender athletes participation in women's sports shows how "potent" messaging has become on the issue. Newell remarked, "For leaders in the Republican Party, [the issue of biological men participating in women's sports] has become a very powerful talking point and what our polling's showing is that it's resonating with a significant majority of their base."

Nearly 20 states across America have passed laws that ban transgender youth from participating in sports teams that are not aligned with their biological sex. Many if not all are Republican states.

In June, FINA, the world's swimming governing body establioshed new rules that effectively banned transgender women from competing in women's events. FINA's new "gender inclusion policy" only allowed swimmers who transitioned before the age of 12 to compete in women's competition, CBS News reported. The water sports organization also proposed an "open competition category" that would accommodate transgender athletes.

Other Organizations Following Suit, Establishing New Rules for Transgender Athletes

Aside from FINA, other sports organizations have also begun to establish rules surrounding transgender athletes' participation in women's sports. Organizations that govern field hockey, rugby, triathlon and cycling are either making new rules or updating existing guidelines on gender.

According to VOA Learning English, the international soccer organization FIFA said it is now reexamining its rules on gender. However, the International Olympic Committee, IOC refused to make a decision on the issue, with one spokesperson saying that the organization "can't come forward with one rule, one short rule that fits everybody." The IOC instead is delegating the decision on this issue to individual federations and individual sports.

Meanwhile World Athletics, the organization that governs track and field competitions and which is run by former Olympic gold medalist Sebastian Coe, said that they would examine its policies on transgender and intersex athletes by the end of the year.

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