The co-founder of a Satanic church in South Africa shared in a viral video the story of how he turned to Christ Jesus after experiencing a kind of love he never did before.

Riaan Swiegelaar, the co-founder of the South African Satanic Church, shared in a now-viral video the stunning and amazing story of how he experienced "unconditional love" from someone he didn't know was a Christian at the time of the incident.

Swiegelaar, who wasn't expecting that his conversion to Christianity would become known to believers worldwide, said in a 30-minute-long Facebook video that he went to an interview with the CapeTalk radio station when it happened.

Unconditional Love

The former satanist made it clear at the time of the said interview that he did not believe in the Son of God. In fact, as per Charisma News, he "let the interviewer know in no uncertain terms that he did not believe in the existence of Jesus Christ."

Following the interview, however, he was surprised that the interview, who he simply calls Amy, gave him a hug that made him feel loved.

"After that interview, she held me in a way that I've never been loved," Swiegelaar said. "That's all she did; she didn't say anything."

What's so sweet about this incident is that it was only a week later until Swiegelaar discovered that the interview is a Christian.

"I've never had anyone, let alone a Christian, do that. I've never had that kind of experience. I never knew a Christian could show that much love and could accept me unconditionally," the former satanist said.

A Personal Encounter

Swiegelaar also shared how he personally experienced the love of God in such a way that convinced him as to the reality of Christ's existence.

He explained that after the interviews, he had a "meeting with the council members" where they all "affirmed that satanism is growing." He then conducted a ritual with the intention of knowing what he will do next.

"How do I get more power and influence?" he asked himself. "I opened myself up, and Jesus appeared."

The then-satanist, however, explained that his initial reaction to Jesus appearing to him wasn't very warm. He was quite the skeptic, but the Lord's response to him left no room for doubts.

"I was extremely cocky and I said, 'Whatever.' I said, 'If You are Jesus, prove it.' He flooded me with the most beautiful love and energy," he said.

Swiegelaar explained that he quickly recognized the love that he felt during his encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ because he had felt it before-from the love he felt from the CapeTalk radio interviewer, Amy.

"I recognized it immediately because of what the lady at the radio station did for me," he said. "I recognized the love of Christ immediately."

The South African Satanic Church, in a press statement, announced that its co-founder Swiegelaar officially resigned from his position in the organization, has stepped down from its council, and dissolved his membership.

Christians Properly Representing Christ

Swiegelaar, who described himself as an "ugly monster," revealed that he was able to feel unconditional love only from a few Christians in his life-namely his friends Adele and Donnie Frey.

"I just did a simple thing, and that's to show you love," Adele Frey wrote to him.

"That's not just a simple thing," Swiegelaar responded. "You have shown me everything; the love of Christ. I've seen it in you."

Indeed, the love that the former satanist experienced through these believers is the kind of love that properly represents Christ: unconditional and leads to repentance.

Even the Lord Jesus Christ Himself said His kind of love, which He wants His followers to give others also, is what distinguishes those who are His and those who are not. In John 13:34-35 He said,

"A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another."