The pastor of an Illinois church and his family are mourning the deaths of his two daughters and sister who died in a vehicular accident on Friday, July 8, 2022.

First Baptist Church of Carlyle Pastor Scott Broughton and his wife Amanda are grieving the loss of their daughters Savanna Grace, 17, and Brooke-Lynn Kay, 15, as well as Pastor Scott's 43-year-old sister Rhonda Evans after the three died in a tragic car crash along the Old U.S. Highway 50, the Belleville News-Democrat reported.

According to Clinton County Sheriff Dan Travous, the three were in a 2005 Audi passenger vehicle at the time of the accident. Brooke-Lynn Kay, who had a learner's permit, was the one driving the Audi.

Eyewitness accounts and physical evidence, per the sheriff, suggest that the Audi Brooke-Lynn was driving crossed into the westbound lane on Highway 50 near Harper Street in Beckemeyer, then collided head-on with a Volvo tractor-trailer.

The person driving the tractor-trailer sustained minor injuries. The three women in the Audi, unfortunately, passed away as a result of the tragic incident.

The Christian Post tried to reach out to the First Baptist Church of Carlyle for comments but did not receive a response as of this writing. An obituary, however, indicated that a funeral service in honor of the deceased sisters was already held on Monday.

Beloved Children

The obituary indicated how beloved both Savanna and Brooke-Lynn were among their circles, be it family, friends and church.

Savanna, born June 3, 2005 in West Point, Mississippi, was an upcoming senior at Carlyle High School. She served as president of the Student Council, was on the homecoming court, and was a reported for CHS FFA.

Savanna was an active member of the Praise and Worship Team in church. She also "loved" to lift others up by writing encouraging messages and leaving notes containing encouragement and praises. She also wrote cards showing her gratitude for kind deeds done by others.

The 17-year-old, per the obituary, "had a passion for mission work and enjoyed serving at homeless and women's shelters." She also had a tight bond with her siblings, and had a deep love for her family.

Brooke-Lynn, on the other hand, was born Sept. 4, 2006 also in West Point. She was described as "creative, talented, and devoted."

She listened to every music genre "from Sinatra to Eminem" and played tenor sax in the band at Carlyle High School. She was also a devoted member of her church's Praise and Worship Team where she was a singer.

A woman with an "artistic touch," she loved art and painting. She was also a member of the color guard at school.

Brooke-Lynn "loved hard" and this is shown in her devotion to her family and her being protective of her siblings. She also loved her friends.

Precious Memories

Carlyle Dairy Queen Chill & Grill, where Brooke-Lynn previously worked and where Savanna usually went to, expressed their appreciation for the sisters in a heartfelt Facebook post.

The business said Brooke-Lynn would always "walk through the door with the best attitude and the cutest hair styles!" It said that she always had a smile on her face whenever she was on duty, and that she never failed to bring a smile to those who worked with her.

"Truly a genuine, caring, loving, beautiful soul," Carlyle DQ said.

On the other hand, Savanna, per the business, "left notes for all the employees" like she did with others, as what the obituary said. Carlyle DQ said the employees hung Savanna's notes above the drive-thru window so all of them will see the warm messages she gave while they are at work.

The business added that they will get Savanna's notes framed "so we can always have them there with us as a reminder of one of the sweetest customers we have ever had."

"She truly was a beautiful person Inside and out," Carlyle DQ added.