A supposedly peaceful open-air debate took a dangerous turn when Islamic extremists shot and killed a Christian man who participated in the religious exchange.

In a report by Morning Star News, authorities identified the victim as 28-year-old Robert Bwenje, who died from wounds sustained in an attack by Muslim extremists following a debate between Christians and Muslims.

The article revealed that Bwenje was with Elim Pentecostal Church Assistant Pastor Ambrose Mugisha, who exchanged religious arguments opposite Islam believers. 

The debate happened July 6 at Sirimula village in Uganda's Kyankwanzi District, the report said.

Details Of The Attack

Morning Star News reported that some Muslims present in the debate issued a challenge to the two Christian men. The Muslim men likewise threatened Bwenje and Mugisha as the exchange was ongoing.

The report also said that at least eight Muslims eventually pledged their faith in the Christian belief when the event ended. 

This turn-around from their fellow Islam believers apparently pushed the Muslim men to their breaking point.

The report noted that the Muslim men assaulted Bwenje and Mugisha as the latter were navigating a swamp back to their village at Nyamiringa.

Mugisha said they heard the attackers chanting 'Allah akbar' several times as they emerged from the bushes to ambush the Christian men.

Mugisha told reporters that two Muslim men ordered them to surrender the books, including Bibles and a Koran. Authorities identified the Muslims as Kabagambe Kadiri and Ashirafu Kasamba.

The assailants reportedly set the Bibles on fire and repeatedly hit them with sticks.

Mugisha escaped when he swam and crossed to the other side of the swamp. Bwenje, however, continued to receive heavy beatings from the attackers.

A passerby reportedly saw Mugisha and helped the victims get medical attention at local medical facilities.

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Bwenje's Death

On July 10, Bwenje eventually succumbed to his injuries at the hospital.

Elim Pentecostal Church Pastor Godfrey Ssemujju said he still managed to visit both the men before Bwenje's death on the night of July 10. They buried Bwenje two days later.

Ssemujju said they alerted local police to the incident.

Following the tip, authorities successfully apprehended and charged Kasamba with attempted murder.

The manhunt is ongoing for the other suspects in the fatal attack, the CBN News report said.

Attack On Christian Pastor, Members

Morning Star News also reported another religious attack by Muslim extremists, this time against a Christian pastor and his church members.

According to the news outlet, one of the attackers initially called Pastor Baingana James on July 23 and told him to 'leave within two days.' 

The man said they would 'destroy his home and church' should he refuse to do so and sustain his efforts to convert Muslims to the Christian faith. 

The caller also asked the pastor to 'return' seven Muslims he successfully persuaded to convert to Christianity.

James said he did not heed the caller's demands and continued his evangelical work.

The pastor revealed receiving a note on their door demanding him to cease performing Sunday services and shut the church down.

James said he stood his ground again and continued his religious duties.

"I refused, because preaching Jesus Christ is my calling, and planting churches is my vision in this area," James told reporters.

The pastor's refusal prompted the Muslims to launch the attack on the congregation's Sunday service.

James said the attackers beat them hard - men, young people, and breastfeeding mothers - as the assailants yelled in Arabic, English, Swahili, and Luganda.

The report said the Muslim men capped off their attack by tearing down the church building until it collapsed.

The two Uganda attacks on Christian believers join other assaults on Christians worldwide, including another recent attack against Hmong Christians in Vietnam.