Pastor Drew Erickson of Travis Avenue Baptist Church was recently arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol with a minor and having an unlicensed weapon inside his car. Following his arrest, Pastor Erickson submitted a resignation letter to the church for personal reasons. The church expressed their sadness on the recent news and said they would miss the pastor.

Resignation and Arrest of Pastor Drew Erickson

A report from the Christian Post stated that several days after Pastor Drew Erickson of Travis Avenue Baptist Church got arrested, he submitted a resignation letter due to personal reasons. The pastor was arrested for drunk driving with a kid under 15 and carrying an unlicensed weapon. On Wednesday morning, Mar. 8, the minister of church planting and missions, Ben Bolin, confirmed that Pastor Erickson gave his resignation on Sunday, Mar. 5. 

However, Bollin could not immediately specify how soon Pastor Erickson withdrew from his position in the church after he got arrested by the police officers. As mentioned, since 2006, Pastor Erickson has held a ministerial license issued by Lakeside Baptist Church in Canton. In 2009, he went through the ordination process at Travis Avenue Baptist Church to become a pastor. "His heart for pastoral ministry is to engage and encourage the church to reach the lost and make disciples of every tribe, nation and tongue," said the Travis Avenue Baptist Church.

Moreover, Erickson, who has five kids with his wife, Hailey, said in the brief resignation letter he sent to congregation members that he needed to leave due to personal problems he had been fighting for about a year. The pastor also stated that in the past year, especially in recent times, it has become abundantly evident that some aspects of his life require improvement. He believes that it is the primary reason why he needs time off from the duties associated with my ministry.

An additional report from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram stated that Pastor Erickson is a 40-year-old man residing in Burleson, and around 12:45 p.m. on Saturday, Mar. 4, he was allowed to leave jail after posting a personal bail of $2,250.

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Travis Avenue Baptist Church's Response to the Resignation of Pastor Drew Erickson

The Church Leaders reported that on Tuesday, Mar. 7, the old board of Travis Avenue Baptist Church informed the church members via email that Erickson had resigned "effective immediately" from his position as pastor of the church.

The church wants to reassure its congregation that Drew was not dismissed and that there have been no improper actions taken at the church. The email also stated, "We love him, as you do, and we will miss him terribly." In addition, the church also made sure to its members that worship and charity will continue to be a part of the Travis Avenue Baptist Church. Every Sunday, there will be a sermon based on the Bible. The staff of the ministry will carry on with their duties and service. Furthermore, the search for a new lead teaching pastor will begin as soon as the leaders start.

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