A high-ranking executive from Microsoft has confirmed that the company's upcoming Windows 10 OS will not arrive for the Xbox One until after the summer season.

The latest version of the Windows system is expected to be roll out first to Microsoft's other device's before hitting the next-gen gaming console, IGN reported.

Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft's Xbox division made the revelation through Twitter after answering a user's query regarding the arrival of the Windows 10.

According to the executive, Microsoft will seed the OS update for the Xbox One during the post-summer season.

The Windows 10 still does not have an official release date but according to Lisa Su, the CEO of Microsoft's partner firm AMD, the update is expected to arrive in July, Gospel Herald has learned.

Microsoft then previously said that the Windows 10 will be released gradually for various devices, with the desktop computer first in line to receive the update.

After its PC launch, the new version of the OS will be rolled out for the Xbox One followed by mobile devices such as the Lumia handsets before heading to HoloLens.

According to Microsoft, the staggered release of the OS will enable the company to prepare for the compatibility issues for the various devices' software and hardware aspects.

"The way to think about it will be a launch wave that starts in the summer with PCs, and fills out over time as more devices come online," Microsoft's corporate vice president of the operating systems group Joe Belfiore said during Build 2015 according to PC Advisor.

"You should expect the phone, HoloLens Xbox and Surface Hub launches will be staggered," he added.

As to what users can expect for the upcoming Windows 10, one of its major features is Project Spartan, which will be renamed as Microsoft Edge once it's released. Since Microsoft has ended its support for the Internet Explorer, Project Spartan will served as the new browser for Windows 10.