Microsoft has released a long list of achievements for the upcoming "Rise of the Tomb Raider" game.

Although many of them are only about the minor details of the game, some of the achievements' descriptions give away spoilers regarding the title's story, Cinema Blend reported.

Gamers already know that "Rise of the Tomb Raider" takes place immediately after the events of "Tomb Raider," the first installment of the reboot series released by Crystal Dynamics in 2013.

In the new game, protagonist Lara Croft travels to Siberia to find the ancient city of Kitezh which she believes holds the secret behind the secret of immortality. However, aside from going up against the region's natural elements, she must also confront the mysterious organization Trinity.

Although this summary may seem a bit vague, new details about the game's story have been revealed by Microsoft through the descriptions of the achievements. Of course, completing each achievement will reward gamers with points.

Below are the ten achievements with spoiler descriptions released by Microsoft via Major Nelson.

  •  A Helping Hand - Defend the Remnants from the Trinity Invasion
  •  Quite a Tumble - Survive the Avalanche
  •  Following in Father's Footsteps - Enter the Syrian tomb of the Lost Prophet
  •  Strange Acquaintance - Rescue Jacob from the gulag
  •  The Chosen Few - Uncover the remains of all Jacob's disciples
  •  Taking the High Road - Light the signal fire in the Remnant Vallet
  •  The Road Less Travelled - Unlock the path to Kitezh
  •  The Key to it All - Recover the Atlas
  •  Tougher Than She Looks - Survive a night in the Siberian wilderness
  •  Whatever It Takes - Rescue Jonah from Konstantin

The achievements may not seem much for now, but they certainly give gamers a preview of what they can expect as they take on "Rise of the Tomb Raider," such as facing an invasion from the Trinity and the character Jacob ending up in jail.

As for the other achievements, many of them, such as A Trusty Old Friend, Bar Brawl, Blade of Justice, Chemical Warfare and Dead Ringer have something to do with killing a certain number of enemies. Of course, these depend on the creativity of players when taking down the enemy forces.

"Rise of the Tomb Raider" will first come out for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles in November 10 in the U.S. It will be released as a timed-exclusive game for Microsoft's consoles before debuting in other platforms.

The PC version will arrive during next year's first quarter while its PlayStation 4 counterpart will be released during the last months of 2016.