Best Buy is conducting another trade-in program that will let customers go home with a brand new Xbox One console for a very low price.

All consumers have to do is bring in their old Xbox or PlayStation consoles to get a discount of up to $150, Gamespot reported.

For a limited-time offer, or until October 3 specifically, consumer electronics retailer Best Buy is offering huge discounts on its products. One of these is a new Xbox One system, which has a retail price of $350.

But for those who have a working Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 at home and have been considering getting a new console, they can head over to a nearby Best Buy branch to grab a $75 discount coupon.

But, if the old console is an Xbox 360 250GB E Series or PlayStation 3 250GB Slim, then the owner will get another coupon with the same amount. This means they receive a total of $150 in exchange for their old system. They can they use this huge discount on various Best Buy items or use it to purchase an Xbox One for $200.

As part of the trade-in program's terms and conditions, the old console that will be exchanged must be completely working and does not have any damages. Its warranty seal should also be intact and must still have its AC adapter or power cord.

The program is only applicable for in-store purchase, which means online transactions are not included. Also, as noted by Best Buy through its website, not all branches in the U.S. are participating in the trade-in program and some store might have additional limitations or terms. Since the retailer did not specify which branches will accept the consoles in exchange for discounts, it would be best to call up the store you're planning to go to first before heading out, according to Game Zone.

Despite the generous deal, Best Buy actually offered a bigger discount during a similar program held in June of this year. Like the current program, the previous deal gave customers a $75 coupon in exchange for a working Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. But, if the consoles respectively had 250GB or was a Slim edition, then a $100 gift card was given to the customer. This totaled to a discount of $175 which was also used by customers to get a new Xbox One console, CNET reported.