U.K.-based development studio Criterion Games has officially confirmed that "Burnout Paradise" will debut for the Xbox One console through Microsoft's backwards compatibility program.

The studio, however, noted that the arrival of the racing game for Microsoft's next-gen gaming system still does not have a release date, Destructoid reported.

Criterion Games made the announcement through its Twitter page in response to a gamer's query about the game. For some time now, fans of the "Burnout" series have been buzzing about the possibility of "Burnout Paradise," which is set in the fictional world of Paradise City, joining Microsoft's backwards compatibility lineup.

"Was there ever a definitive answer on Paradise City making it to [Xbox One] via backwards compatibility?" a Twitter follower asked the studio.

"Yes there was, and yes it is," Criterion Games answered. "It's in the pipe, five-by-five. Stay tuned for a date though."

Although the developer noted that "Burnout Paradise" for the Xbox One does not yet have a release date, Microsoft is expected to roll out backwards compatibility to the public sometime in November. This means fans of the "Burnout" franchise will probably not have to wait long to play the game on their Xbox One consoles.

Rumors about "Burnout Paradise" featuring backwards compatibility support emerged earlier in July after Criterion Games announced that it met with Microsoft regarding the latter's upcoming service, according to Gamespot.

The studio, however, did not discuss the details of the meeting but confirmed via Twitter that the discussions were about bringing the game to the Xbox One through backwards compatibility.

With the studio's latest tweet, it seems the meeting ran smoothly and the two companies are all set to bring "Burnout Paradise" to the Xbox One.

"Burnout Paradise" first came out in 2008 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 before debuting for the Microsoft Windows platform in 2009.

The game is the fifth main installment from the series but also serves as an unofficial reboot of the entire "Burnout" franchise. It features an open-world environment where players can compete in different kinds of racing matches. Players can choose from different types of cars as well as motorcycles for their races.

The game's future debut on the Xbox One will mark the first time "Burnout Paradise" will come out for a next-gen platform.

As mentioned earlier, the backwards compatibility service will launch next month and will feature around 100 titles, as promised by Microsoft.

Currently, over 30 games have already been included in the feature's lineup. Only selected gamers or members of Microsoft's Preview Program have access to these titles.