"Titanfall" developer Respawn Entertainment announced that it is currently working on new mobile games based on the futuristic multiplayer first-person shooter.

Details of the new games are still unknown but the developer is targeting to release them sometime in 2016, Gamerant reported.

For the latest project, Respawn Entertainment partnered with Nexon, a South Korean-based mobile publishing firm and new development studio Particle City. Together, the three companies will develop games based on "Titanfall" for iOS and Android mobile devices.

For Vince Zampella, the co-founder of Respawn Entertainment and Particle City, the partnership and new endeavor will help the company expand the popularity of the "Titanfall" game to a global audience.

"Our partnership with Nexon is momentous for many reasons," he said in a statement according to Gamespot. "Nexon's unrivaled publishing network and free-to-play expertise will allow 'Titanfall' to reach new global audiences."

"And with Particle City, we are closely collaborating to create all-new standalone games with original gameplay experiences that expand the 'Titanfall' universe to players everywhere," he added.

The three companies have not yet released specific details about the "Titanfall" mobile games. But according to Venture Beat, Zampella said that unlike the console version of "Titanfall," the first game will not be a first-person shooter. Instead, it will feature a different gameplay experience.

Respawn Entertainment's current focus on the mobile platform does not automatically mean that the studio has abandoned its budding "Titanfall" series. As noted by Zampella, the studio is still dedicated to delivering a sequel to "Titanfall," which came out in 2014.

Although the executive remains tight-lipped about the details of "Titanfall 2," he teased that gamers will surely enjoy the follow-up game.

"I can't say just yet," he told Polygon. "I promise that it will be worth the wait."

As previously reported, "Titanfall 2" is expected to come out for multiple platforms, unlike the first game which was only released for the PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

In addition, there were rumors suggesting that the second installment in the series will feature a campaign mode. If this is true, then "Titanfall 2" will surely be able to attract more gamers since a lot of them felt disappointed that the first game only features an online multiplayer mode.

The release schedule of "Titanfall 2" is still unconfirmed but sources say that it will come out in 2017 at the latest. Other say that it might be released as early as 2016.