Major game publisher EA Sports has revealed the details to the follow-up of its "UFC" mixed-martial arts fighting game.

The company also released a trailer for "UFC 2" which shows off some of the game's new modes.

EA Sports officially announced "UFC 2" via its Twitter account earlier this week. According to the company, the upcoming game will come out in spring 2016 for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.

Aside from the announcement, EA Sports also released the first trailer for the game. As noted by IGN, the clip showcases the various game modes and improvements that will be featured in UFC 2. Some of these include unique animations for certain fighters, various online and offline game modes and new challenges.

EA Sports also tweaked the physics of the game to deliver a more realistic gameplay experience and also expanded the character creation tools for "UFC 2." In addition, players will be able to engage in sparring matches in the upcoming game to improve their fighters' skills and abilities.

Aside from these, MMA Junkie noted that the sequel to "UFC" will also come with the Ultimate Team Mode, which is a standard feature in some of EA Sports' major franchises such as "Madden" and "FIFA." This feature will let players earn points or coins which they can use to purchase in-game character trading cards.

"UFC 2" will be EA Sports's second installment in the "UFC" game series. The first title came out in June of last year for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. The iOS and Android versions of the game for mobile devices were released in April of this year.

Unlike other fighting titles based on the UFC, the game was developed with improved artificial intelligence technology that accounted for the fighting strategies adopted by gamers during their matches. This provided the game with more realistic character movements and reactions.

Upon its release, the first "UFC" game came with a roster feature 97 fighters. This was then expanded through various DLCs launched by EA Sports. Some of the characters that were added through content updates were Diego Sanchez, Holly Holm, Mark Coleman, Brock Lesnar, Matt Hughes, Quinton Jackson, Gunnar Nelson, Tim Kennedy, Myles Jury and Anthony Johnson.

As an added bonus, EA Sports also included Bruce Lee and UFC legend Royce Gracie as unlockable characters in the game.

Check out the trailer for "EA Sports UFC 2" below.