Amid the speculations that Apple's iPad Pro is viable enough to replace Microsoft Windows devices, the reviews this product is getting are mixed.

There are many new features that made this product attractive and usable in lieu of a full-fledged Windows PC.

The device can do some things which were only done in the Mac or Windows PC settings, such as video editing, which is now possible on it as well. The iPad Pro will also have an Office Suite by Microsoft.

The tablet's four stereo speakers, two on top and two on bottom, are getting rave reviews. Many are saying the speaker effect is enough for someone to buy the product, but that alone does not qualify for a laptop substitute.

The iPad Pro is the first of the iOS devices to have 256 GB memory storage, though lower ranges of 32 and 128 internal storage configuration are also available.

The 12.9" tablet will also be the first iPad to have 4GB RAM for slightly faster multitasking. The new device will also have faster CPU and an improved camera. This again will be the first iPad to have True Tone Flash and Retina Flash. Its screen can flash 3X brighter than usual for more penetrating details of captured surroundings. The device also can accommodate 12 mp iSight camera, as it has plenty of storage space. The 9.7" version of the tablet has a camera that can protrude about a mm from the back of the device!

Apple is also selling a specialized pencil designed just for use with the iPad Pro for an extra $99. It boasts of excellent precision, and can be recharged via a port on the device. It is heralded by the makers as an awesome drawing tool for CAD apps.

One of the other special add-ons that can make it comparable to a PC replacement is its keyboard, if you are willing to shell out $149 for it. The keyboard is then attached to iPad Pro with a magnetic connection called Smart Connector.

However, given all the great new features this iPad has, it still falls short a lot in terms of efficiency achievable in applications as many of the Windows apps are tapered down to fit iOS. It does not come close to the productivity of a laptop, as it can't play many games, and Office suite is much more flexible and workable on Windows.

So given all the pros and cons of this device, it seems many who don't have intensive works to do on PC are going to like it. And as its size make it travel-friendly, there indeed might be many takers for this tablet, especially those who like to keep a handy secondary device along with a laptop.