Amid an overall spike in online evangelism and church services, the Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists (COSBE) held its largest evangelistic event ever online over Easter weekend. 

COSBE shared the Gospel presentation with at least 400,000 people during the season including the livestream "Covered by the Cross", one-hour broadcast on its Facebook page April 9. Nearly 100,000 viewers watched the broadcast from beginning to end, and reports of decisions for Christ have begun to emerge, according to Bpnews. 

"This was a historic moment for our evangelists and our organization," COSBE President Sammy Tippit told the Baptist Message. "We were able to present the Gospel to hundreds of thousands of people. It has opened a door for us to learn how to minister to a hurting world through the technological tools He's given us in our generation."

The live program featured singing, Gospel presentations and testimonies, including a sharing of Price Harris, 78 year old, Louisiana music evangelist who has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Feeling "a little feverish," he went to the doctor, then learned on Palm Sunday he tested positive. His lack of fear is rooted in "the peace of God," he said.

"I am so thankful that we have the cross of Christ in this time of hardship," Price told Tippit, "The power of God is sufficient. Jesus became sin so we may be righteous to God in Him."

Another touching testimony was shared by Keith Fordham, a Georgia evangelist and former COSBE president. He told about his cancer diagnosis and how an initial surgery was not able to clear the malignancy. Consequently, he likely will have a second surgery April 16 with a peak in coronavirus deaths.

"I know if God wants to cure me, He can cure me," Fordham said. "If He wants me home, He'll take me home. I'm ready either way because the Lord Jesus indwells me."

"You may be wondering what's going on in the world with this pandemic," Tippit said in the program's closing the broadcast, while encouraging viewers to "trust and remember" that God loves us. 

According to Bpnews, Tippit has been exploring various methods of online evangelism the past four years, including preaching evangelistic meetings in India via Skype and WhatsApp. It is expected to deliver Gospel presentations to 10 million people in 70 countries. The evangelist is encouraging his fellows to consider similar ventures during COVID-19 pandemic and the Easter livestream was a great start.