A poll administered by Ozanne Foundation revealed that a whopping 62% of the British public agreed to ban LGBTQ+ conversion therapy.

This conversion therapy was defined by Ozanne Foundation as therapy "where people seek to change someone's sexual orientation, sexual behavior, or gender identity."

The ban was only opposed by 14% of the British public

Jayne Ozanne, the founder of the Ozanne Foundation called the conversion therapy an "abhorrent practice." 

Jayne has been campaigning for LGBTQ+ rights in the Church of England where they also show support for the conversion therapy ban.

"We know that this is currently still being practiced by religious groups across the UK and we urgently ask the government to act in order to safeguard young people's lives, Jayne asserted. 

"A ban will ensure a clear signal is given that this abhorrent practice will not be tolerated in the UK."

The Christian Institute, Christian Concern, and Core Issues are amongst the many Christian groups that worry about the impact of the ban on gay conversion therapy on people who need the "help."

"Are we really saying that a man who is married and finds himself attracted to the same sex but wants to save his marriage and protect his children is going to be forbidden from receiving help?" Mike Davidson, founder of the Core Issues Trust asserted.

"Are we honestly saying that they cannot receive that help? Because if we are, that is inhumane. A ban will ride roughshod over a minority identity."