Jonathan Isaac of the Orlando Magic, a basketball team based in Orlando, Florida, was the only player in the NBA bubble to not show support the Black Lives Matter movement by refusing to kneel for the national anthem and refusing to wear a BLM t-shirt like every other player in the NBA bubble.

The NBA bubble, or also known as Orlando Bubble is the site of every NBA game until early October to accommodate the coronavirus pandemic. The Orlando Bubble is located at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

When Isaac was asked if he believed Black lives matter he replied, "Absolutely. I believe that Black lives matter. A lot went into my decision and part of it is my thought that kneeling while wearing a Black Lives Matter T-shirt don't go hand in hand with supporting Black lives."

Isaac, 22, who also became an ordained minister in March, believes that Black lives are supported through the Gospel and not by performative acts.

"I don't think that kneeling or putting on a T-shirt for me, personally is the answer. I feel like for me Black lives are supported through the Gospel. All lives are supported through the Gospel," Isaac shared.

Isaac shared that his team respects Isaac for his decision. "We had a team meeting. I told them that they know who I am as a man, they know who I am as a person. They know what it is that I believe and they respected me for the decision that I made and it was all love," Isaac said.

Magic coach Steve Clifford and veteran swingman Evan Fournier showed respect for Isaac's decision. 

"To be honest, he don't need to. That's his choice. We all decided that we was going to kneel, but his choice was not to kneel. That's his choice. There was no pressure from any of us to do anything. And we support him, period," Fourier said.

"We're all supporting each other in this. And if guys are not comfortable kneeling and they want to stand, then nobody has a problem with that; I support him, his teammates support him, the organization supports him, so that's part of living in our country," Clifford shared.

Orlando won by 128-118 over the Brooklyn Nets on Friday afternoon.