Across California, over 25 wildfires have startled many residents with more than 2,094,955 acres burned down across the state. 

The Creek Fire which occurred recently has devoured more than 45,00 acres near Fresno and Madera counties waiting for evacuation. 

The County Sheriff mentioned, "224 people were rescued from the Mammoth Pool Reservoir area."  CAL FIRE captain, Richard Cordova stated, 'that is the size of more than 10 New York Cities.'

According to the Forest Service, around 450 firefighters were battling without breaks along with three helicopters, and three air tankers.  One San Francisco man, Rob Price appears on a hike as the wildfire smoke drifts through air.  He stated, "the sky turned the ugly color of a dark bruise, blacks, and purples, and it was raining ash. It felt completely apocalyptic." "There were very gusty winds, we saw only one lightning strike but heard a drumbeat of distant thunder."

According to the report, a smaller fire occurred in the Yosemite Park boundary with less than 1,000 acres.  Many residents claim the fire was startling as the world was going to clash down.  "The ash was stinging our eyes, clinging to our skin and clothes." "I haven't experienced anything like this before. Some of the pieces of ash ranged in size from tiny flecks to the size of a fingernail." "It was pretty scary because we had this lack of information about where this fire was coming from, and we didn't know if we were going the right way or not."

Famous evangelical Pastor, Franklin Graham leaves out a comment of prayer and he speaks about the wildfires that are constantly happening.

"Please be in prayer for the people of California as they experience fire the likes of which they haven't seen in many, many years."