Famous Pop Singer-songwriter, Mariah Carey said her experience with God made her believe that 'nothing is impossible' in her new memoir, 'The Meaning of Mariah Carey'.

For over three decades, Mariah Carey has been a devout Christian and shared her deep faith throughout the media. 'The Meaning of Mariah Carey' carried out by the singer described her personal life story and defined her relationship with God. "I believe a deep faith was awakened to me that day. I understood on a soul level that no matter what happened to me or around me, something lived inside me that I could always call on. I had something that would guide me through any storm." She wrote in her book. The book shared what Mariah Carey believes is the true meaning of her life. She quoted, "For I assure you, if you have faith in the size of a mustard seed, you will tell this mountain, Move from here to there, and it will move, nothing will be impossible to you." (Matthew 17:20) 

"I truly believed anything I wanted was possible. It was real to me. Absolute. My father did not believe anything is possible." She expressed that God saved her life from that as from drowning on another occasion. She also wrote a song thinking of what God would do us in times of fear" Mariah Carey mentioned she and her backup singer used to attend True Worship Church World Wide Ministries in Brooklyn together. She testified, "We were even rebaptized there together at True Worship. I became a student on the Bible, doing a three year intensive. We went through it from Old to New Testament. I took notes, and I took the healing words in." 

Carey talks about how big the church community helped her with health issues and mind controls spiritually. She simply stated she always felt welcomed and felt like a daughter. "Having a family and God brought me back to my life in the light." "None of my biological family understood what it meant to care so much about God. But I had to return, God was the only way I made it out of all my trips to hell. I believe my ex-brother and sister have been to a hell of their own. They may still be trapped there. They chose drugs and lies and scams to survive, but that only seemed to dig them in deeper and to make them resent me more and I still pray for them."