Activists Pushing Medical Students And Future Doctors To Violate Their Sworn Oath To Save Lives

A baby during the first week after being birthed

Pro-abortion activists are insisting that "abortion is healthcare" and are pushing medical schools to include the procedure in the curriculum of future physicians despite it being a violation of their sworn oath to save lives.

CBN News reported that three second-year medical students from the University of Illinois College of Medicine--Caroline Beshers, Audrey Mannuel, and Maya Patel--wrote an article in the MS Magazine in an effort to usher abortion into the curriculum of medical colleges just as pro-choice activists and feminists do.

The medical students purport that there is "misinformation that can discourage patients from seeking care" and the remedy to this is through "educating health professionals on abortion care is a powerful method of preventing the politicization of medical care such as abortion access."

The article entitled, "Abortion Care Is Healthcare and Must Be Included In Medical Curricula," highlighted that it is "woeful" to have doctors in the United States "unprepared" should the procedure not be part of their learning in school.

"Without adequate training, U.S. doctors are woefully unprepared to have nuanced discussions on the ethics of abortion on a national stage, and lack the knowledge required to objectively discuss abortion care with patients," Mannuel, Patel, and Beshers claimed.

The three students cited laws that restrict abortion "often include misinformation" that prevent patients from seeking the alleged care they need. They said that continuing to allow such misinformation would only mean "stigmatization" of abortion in the United States.

"By failing to educate medical students on abortion, the medical institution effectively contributes to the continued politicization, restriction and stigmatization of abortion care in the U.S.," the three stressed.

Mannuel, Patel, and Beshers admit to having advocated for the inclusion of contraception and abortion care in their own curriculum. They elaborated that "abortion care" involves a "spectrum of different types of medical care" that is said to include "patient counseling, to medication options and surgical abortion procedures."

They cited a survey they conducted on 118 first- and second-year medical students regarding the sex education they received before entering medical school and discovered that only 38% received such education. The three students said this reflects a "sparseness of medical training on reproductive care" such that "a third of these future physicians have little to no foundation of knowledge on safe sex practices and contraception--let alone abortion care or pregnancy options and counseling."

Responding to their article, National Right To Life Editor Dave Andrusko rebutted the "misinformation" claims of Mannuel, Patel, and Beshers, as well as, their purpose of adding abortion to the curriculum.

"In other words there is no room for a woman to hear the truth about abortion-its complications, physical and psychological," Andrusko said.

"Put another way, if physicians-in the-making are immersed in performing abortion, they are less likely to protest at taking unborn life," he added.

Andrusko raised the reality that only 1 in 4 obstetricians and gynecologists in the United State are "willing and able to perform one themselves" in so far as abortion is concerned based on a 2019 survey published in Obstetrics & Gynecology. The said survey revealed that obstetricians and gynecologists regard abortion as "prescribing opioid."

"By discussing opioids objectively instead of morally, we replace fear of potential controversy with a sense of duty to our patients. (Likewise) ignoring the reality that we will have patients who seek abortion care contributes to its controversiality," the survey published in Obstetrics & Gynecology said.

Ending his article, Andrusko highlighted Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians & Gynecologists Executive Director Dr. Donna Harrison's response on the issue of abortion in a previous interview with a Los Angeles Times reporter that reminded the oath medical professionals have not to "do harm" to their patients.

"As physicians, we've taken the Hippocratic oath. So we don't kill our patients," Harrison said.