Actress Faces Backlash For Praising God Over Roe V. Wade Reversal

Kimberly Elise

Christian actress Kimberly Elise received heavy criticism from pro-choice advocates after she praised God on the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and highlighted the many lives it will save.

Kimberly Elise, who describes herself as a grateful servant to Jesus the Messiah on her Instagram bio, posted a short video last June 28 celebrating the Supreme Court decision that was released four days earlier.

"Millions of babies will be saved from death by abortion due to the overturning of Roe V. Wade. Hallelujah! #allglorybetoGod," Elise captioned the post.

The video showed the photo of a sleeping African American baby enclosed with flowers and an animated text that says, "Victory belongs to Jesus," which zooms in and out. Below are the wordings of Psalm 139:13-14 that speaks of God forming each being in the womb of a mother being "fearfully and wonderfully made."

A flying dove and another animated text, "Thank you, Lord, Abba, Adonai, Yahweh, God," as well as, the hashtag "Team Jesus" were placed underneath the Psalm. The video was accompanied by a traditional mix of Listener Kids' "Jesus Loves Me."

The Backlash From Being A Christian

The post, which was removed from commenting, received 11,670 likes as of writing and found its way to Twitter where the actress was heavily condemned by abortion supporters, Faithwire said. While the Washington Examiner reported that The Shade Room reposted the video on Instagram for its 26.9 million followers to see. The repost, as of writing time, received 198,760 likes and 49,408 comments with varying sentiments on its content.

One Twitter post highlighted by Faithware was from @kuhweenbee who cussed against Christians for allegedly overly spreading the Gospel. Kuhweenbee even called Christians "f****** delusional" before referring to Elise in the same manner. She claimed that the 55-year-old actress' statements are causing mental illness because she could not fathom that God favored the Supreme Court's decision.

Another Twitter user, Jade Young, was even quick to cancel the actress by unfollowing her. Young disagreed with Elise's claims that mothers and babies will be saved and pointed out that not everyone is a Christian.

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Others, on the other hand, cited her previous roles and made a pun on her character in them. One such comments came from @Riyadhtheactor who reminded the actress of her film, "For Colored Girls," which had an abortion plot. The comment received 9,116 likes, 1,357 retweets, and 129 quoted tweets. Liibaan, another Twitter user, similarly reminded @Riyadhtheactor that Elise's role in the said film is simply "called acting."

While some claimed, as per Newsweek, that her statements were ironic citing statistics on Black pregnant women experiencing higher mortality rates in the country. The specific Twitter user said, "it's kind of even more ghoulish and foolish to celebrate consider that."

Meanwhile, a screenwriter by the name of JC defended Elise for her unique view and opinion. JC reminded those criticizing the actress that everyone's opinions vary and not all the time does one agree or disagree on it. He then pointed to the bashers to stop pretending they will not watch Elise's "Diary of A Mad Black Woman" when it airs again on television.

Elise played the role of Helen in the said movie that was written by New Orleans-born actor-producer Tyler Perry. Helen was married to Charles whose abuse of her was the highlight of the film.

Florida Representative Lavern Spicer also took to Elise's defense and even encouraged her to keep on being a pro-lifer by not bending and staying strong. Spicer raised that pro-choice activists are attacking Elise primarily because she is a "Black woman who is pro-life." The congresswoman explained that this matter never happens when a Black woman is pro-choice. She said she speaks on this matter from experience when she became a Republican.

A Christian Praising God In The Hope Of Bringing Others To Jesus

Despite the backlash, Elise has remained silent about the matter. Her succeeding post on Instagram involved a short video on Jude 1:24-25, which speaks of God's protection of the righteous. The Bible verse particularly encourages believers that Jesus will keep them from falling and would even present them "faultless" before God with extreme joy. It then praises Jesus for His glory that is in dominion of everything for all eternity.

The video shows a mountain range backdrop at night and the texts of the Bible verse in white that doves hovered in flight. While Brandon Lake's "Gratitude" plays in the background. The post, which similarly does not allow commenting, received 2,411 likes.

Elise, who was critically acclaimed for her role in Beloved, has been public about her Christian faith ever since she returned to Jesus in 2019. The "The Manchurian Candidate" actress said Jesus rescued her at that time. She said this is the reason she speaks about Jesus with the hope that others will seek Him, too. She was rebaptized on her 54th birthday out of becoming worldly from the time she was first baptized at 16. She reasoned that it was also in thanksgiving to God for never leaving her despite drawing away from Him and for even greatly blessing her during that time.

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