Blasphemy: Netflix Cartoon ‘Paradise PD’ Portrays Jesus Christ As Vengeful, Bloodthirsty And Perverted


Netflix's animated series "Paradise P.D." blasphemously and obnoxiously propped a cartoonish Jesus doing a kill spree and engaging in a heavily implied sex scene.

True to its title "Trigger Warning," the show's fourth episode was meant to deliberately offend by portraying Jesus as a gun-wielding psycho and a sex-starved "messiah."

First reported by MRCTV's Newsbusters, the episode was an apparent mockery of not just the National Rifle Association (NRA) but also the Conservatives by poking fun at their stances on the second amendment and the "weaponizing" of Christianity to push back against laws that promote immorality.

Released on March 12, the episode centers on the theme of pro v. anti gun campaigns. The script, as aptly described by the outlet, is "off the wall" and the video "horrifically offensive."

While other details were just as despicable like attaching profanities to names, a bloodied child buried in a gun pit, and a caricatured corpse of the late NRA President Charlton Heston holding a rifle for display with a quote, "Pry this gun from my cold, dead hands and win a Republican Senate seat," the obscene depiction of Jesus topped it all.

In the episode, the NRA chief was asked to do some convincing on Kevin and the Mayor to rethink the plan of enacting restrictive gun laws. He showed the two a video clip of an imagined reenactment of Jesus's crucifixion titled "Guns Make a Better World."

"I wanna show why guns aren't the problem. They're the solution," said the chief in his attempt to sway them. "Just check out this reenactment video that imagines a world where Jesus had guns."

The clip presented Jesus's crucifixion as a loser's game so he had to switch to power by turning nails to guns, thereby killing all his persecutors. The world's Savior was also depicted as unforgiving when he cursed people at the beginning of the clip.

As if a vengeful messiah isn't blasphemous enough, the creators added a scene where Jesus had sex with two women causing him to violate the 2nd commandment in lustful euphoria.

The later part of the episode covers the counter-arguments of gun ban promulgators from framing gun purchase as a white privilege, bribery, the gunning of Black people, then to the part where one of the characters attributed his liberal stance to the Founding Fathers.

"The chief, who has turned more liberal, says the Founding Fathers never anticipated the guns we have today so the Second Amendment isn't relevant to the modern-day," observes the Newsbusters.

"This episode is Hollywood's idea of reaching a compromise on gun control which means tossing out the Second Amendment as irrelevant in today's world. It's malarkey, yet it is something to watch as the new administration continues on a far-left course in Washington," concludes the outlet's report.

As for the obscene depiction of Jesus's character, MRCTV's culture outlet urged conservatives to do something about it as seen in its footnote.

"Conservatives Fight Back. Contact Netflix to let them know your outrage over their release of such a blasphemous scene during Lent!"