BLM Co-Founder Urges Biden To Create Law Abolishing Police, Prisons

"Black Lives Matter" protest.
"Black Lives Matter" protest. |

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors is urging Joe Biden to create a law that would abolish the police, prisons, and what she calls "radical proposals" if ever he takes the president's seat.

Cullors called on Biden to approve far-left legislation that would abolish the police and prison, among other things, The Blaze reported. The BLM co-founder requested the endorsement of the legislation and implementation across the United States as a part of the modern-day civil-rights act, and as part of Biden's first 100 days as president - if he does become the president.

Cullors is talking about the BREATHE Act, a legislation proposed by Rashida Tlaib, a Democratic Representative of Michigan, and Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, in July.

The BLM co-founder, a self-confessed "trained Marxist," called the far-left act a landmark civil rights bill. The legislation is a project of a coalition of more than 150 organizations called the Movement for Black Lives. It intends to impose a revolutionary change to the US in a variety of ways.

The BREATH Act contains a plethora of demands or suggestions, many of which will undo or remove certain protections keeping Americans safe.

First, Cullors herself told Teen Vogue that the act will "put us on the road to police and prison abolition." It's worse than just defunding policemen while letting them serve and protect - it advocates for the removal of the entire police force.

Second, the BREATHE Act also demands that the Drug Enforcement Administration, along with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Customs and Border Protection, and immigration detention centers, be dismantled. This will make it easier for illegal drugs to enter through American borders.

Third, the legislation also demands the repeal fo laws that "criminalize human movement and border entry." Simply put, it wants illegal aliens to be given unrestricted access to America by way of the borders. This means it will be easier for people with questionable motives and character to enter the US at any given time.

Fourth, the BREATHE Act will also push for the elimination of certain surveillance tactics that Cullors claims as being "disproportionately used" against Black, Brown, and Muslim communities. These include the removal of racial recognition tech, drones, predictive policing, as well as ankle monitors, smartphone apps, and other tools that could be used to monitor a person's movement.

While this means Blacks, Browns and Muslims will not fear being monitored, it will also mean those with malicious intentions will be able to do what they want without worrying about surveillance as well.

Fifth, the BREATHE Act will require the removal of all police, security personnel, and school resource personnel from schools. It also urges that metal detectors and surveillance equipment will be removed as well. This means it will be easier for bad actors to do what they want to do inside schools.

Sixth, the legislation will require public schools to develop a curricula that looks into "the political, economic, and social impacts of colonialism, genocide against indigenous people, and slavery."

Seventh, the proposal also requests job programs for "economically disadvantaged individuals" such as "undocumented people."

Eighth, the BREATHE Act also calls for the "creation of comprehensive health centers that offer culturally competent services for all people, including services related to reproductive health." For those who don't know, "reproductive health" has always been used to refer to abortion - the reproductive health act shows that.

The legislation also demands other things from the government. Cullors told the Hollywood Reporter that they are hoping to see the Biden-Harris administration to "pass this legislation" in its first 100 days. That is, if Biden becomes US president.