China Boldly Demands Obedience From Biden

ERLC praises the ban on Chinese Imports
ERLC praises the ban on Chinese Imports |

China boldly demanded obedience from presidential candidate Joe Biden should he become the 46th president of the United States.

In an op-ed published in the Global Times on Nov. 22, China laid down its demands on the upcoming administration should Joe Biden wins the 2020 Presidential elections. The publication is the Chinese Communist Party's official propaganda mouthpiece, Breitbart News reported.

Through the piece, the Chinese government declared without evidence that Biden "irrevocably" won the US elections. It also boasted that the US will need to seek its "material help and rich experiences to contain" COVID-19 and "rescue a faltering American economy."

The Communist government, through the op-ed, said that in order for the United States to partake of China's sizzling growth rate, it must, under Biden, avoid challenging the Communist nation's authority and open its domestic market without restraint.

China demands the United States to end its America First doctrine, which the Asian country calls a "selfish" doctrine. It directly demanded America's obedience as it gave out three key instructions directed to Biden:

  • First, China wants America, through its next leader, to obey and threatened that any disobedience against it is in vain. The Chinese Communist Party dictatorship will resist anyone who will exercise any cause of action.

  • Second, the US should never challenge China's economic superiority. The piece reminded the upcoming administration never to look down on the buying power of Chinese businesses and Chinese households.

  • Third, China commands the next administration to open US domestic markets without restraint.

The piece commands Biden to reverse President Trump's "economic decoupling" against China. It also urges the presidential candidate to contemplate on the policies that the Trump administration implemented for the past four years.

As the piece commands Biden to obey the Chinese government and follow the three key instructions from the CCP, it also reminded that for the Asian country, a good America means a "supine" or weak America.

"Demonizing China or slinging dirt on Chinese people will never help to stop the flare-up of infections and fatalities in America," the piece said.

China and Joe Biden

President Donald Trump repeatedly accused the Democratic presidential candidate of wrongdoing while he was still vice president, and that he had questionable dealings with Ukraine and China. Biden denied these, but reports from the New York Post provided evidence proving the Bidens' connection to a Ukrainian firm and a Chinese company.

Joe Biden and his son Hunter's names also surfaced on the internet in 2017 about a deal the father and son were involved with. Hunter allegedly pursued China's largest energy firm and a mentioning the involvement of a big guy, whom Fox News later revealed as Joe Biden.

Although Biden repeatedly claimed that he had nothing to do with his son's dealings especially with China, Tony Bobulinski, a business man and US Navy veteran with an honorable service record, claimed the Bidens used their name to "make millions of dollars from foreign entities even though some were from communist controlled China."

America under Trump

China's allegations of the US as having a "faltering" economy is not true. According to a Bloomberg report in October, the US economy actually grew under President Trump and was better than when the country was under the Obama administration.

The country recorded a massive drop in its unemployment rate under Trump. While the rate already dropped from 9.9% to 4.7% between 2009 and Dec. 2016, it went down even more as the US President implemented tax cuts, spending increases, and made sure to cut interest down to zero. The result - a 3.5% unemployment rate by Dec. 2019.

The median household income under Trump also rose, from $62,898 in 2016 to $68,703 three years later. The $6,000 rise is seen as one of the reasons why 56 percent of US voters said in September that they are better off now than they were four years ago in 2016.

COVID-19 response

And while the CCP claims that China has "impressive" experience in "curtailing the pandemic," it is well-known that it first tried to hide the fact that the pandemic began in Wuhan, and that it has tried to change the narrative when it comes to the virus, its origins, and how many people actually died in China as a result of the spread of COVID-19.

An article from The Guardian, written months ago, sums it up pretty well: "China is rewriting the facts about Covid-19 to suit its own narrative."

The Chinese government, The Guardian noted, censored its citizens, its doctors, withheld information from other countries for four months, and tried to change the narrative to what it wants to portray.

As for the US' response to the spread of the virus, US Vice-President Mike Pence's words perfectly capture one important truth: "the reality is that we could've been better off if China had been more forthcoming."