Former Parishioner Says Brooklyn Pastor Whitehead ‘Stole’ Her $90K Life Savings

Former Parishioner Says Brooklyn Pastor Whitehead ‘Stole’ Her K Life Savings

Lamor Whitehead, the Brooklyn pastor who recently fell victim to armed robbery, has been accused of being a robber himself.

Pauline Anderson, 56, told the court that Whitehead 'stole' from her $90,000. Anderson said that money is practically her entire life savings, which she intends to use for her retirement.

How The Theft Allegedly Happened

According to a Daily News report, Anderson is a parishioner at the Leaders of Tomorrow International Churches based in Brooklyn.

She narrated how she first met the pastor there and how he was with her in prayers while she was recovering from a major surgery. 

She had her operation back in April last year, court documents revealed.

Anderson said her son introduced her to Whitehead some three months into her regular church attendance.

In July 2020, her son opened up the idea of seeking the pastor's help so Anderson could purchase a home despite her bad credit rating.

The pastor allegedly suggested getting Anderson's retirement money and investing it in Whitehead's firm, Lamor Whitehead, Inc.

Whitehead also allegedly promised to buy Anderson a home and handle whatever repairs were needed.

Armed with hope based on such promises, the victim allegedly handed Whitehead a $90,000 check.

Court papers revealed that Anderson insisted that Whitehead should provide her $100 monthly until the promised home was ready.

However, the pastor reneged on their agreement and stopped sending Anderson the amount after making only one payment.

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Excuses, More Excuses

In her lawsuit, Anderson claimed that Whitehead began making excuses after excuses whenever she pushed for his monthly payments.

One of the often-used excuses was Whitehead's busy schedule when the latter ran for the presidency of Brooklyn Borough.

Anderson said that her anxiety set in when Whitehead continued with his excuses one year since he made the assurance to buy her a home.

The text exchange Anderson showed to the court revealed Whitehead telling her she 'won't lose' since he is "a man of integrity."

To make matters worse, Whitehead allegedly told Anderson that she donated her money to his campaign.

The pastor allegedly explained to Anderson that any amount he received was considered a donation 'unless it has a contract attached to it,' the Daily News report said.

Anderson added her son got an email from Whitehead showing the pastor's purchase of a Saddle River, N. J. property worth $4.4 million.

This allegedly occurred even as the Brooklyn pastor had all kinds of excuses for not buying her the house he promised.

Whitehead's Defense

Speaking to reporters, Whitehead said the plaintiff (Anderson) is telling a lie.

The pastor claimed they kicked Anderson's son out of the church for being "unintegral."

He added that his celebrity status is why people are suing him.

Brendan Kombol, Whitehead's lawyer, refused to discuss the ongoing lawsuit.

He did, however, claim that his client did not purchase the New Jersey home that Anderson claimed Whitehead bought.

Million-dollar Heist

Whitehead was reportedly victimized by armed robbers who broke into his church while live-streaming his sermon.

A report by The City revealed that three teens reportedly took jewelry items from the pastor and his wife as they pointed guns at them during the heist.

Whitehead claimed the robbers took at least $1 million worth of expensive jewelry from him and his wife.

Whitehead said there's a $50,000 reward for information that would lead to the arrest of the suspects.

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