Brooklyn Police Arrest Controversial Pastor Lamor Whitehead, Parishioner Following Sunday Service’s Clash

Brooklyn Police Arrest Controversial Pastor Lamor Whitehead, Parishioner Following Sunday Service’s Clash

Lamor Whitehead, the controversial pastor of the Leaders of International Ministry Church in Brooklyn, recently figured in yet another headline-hugging incident.

A report by revealed that Brooklyn PD officers had arrested the pastor and another woman over a commotion during the pastor's Sunday service sermon. 

What Happened During the Sermon

According to the article, Whitehead was about to end his preaching when the suspect Tarsha Howard went inside the church and settled on the back pew with another woman.

The pastor reportedly saw the 47-year-old Howard and asked if she wanted to preach in front. Whitehead also reportedly told Howard 'he would make her famous.'

Then, the commotion started as one of the women began yelling. Whitehead then ordered a member of the congregation to remove the woman.

Another woman, which the report did not name, allegedly approached the pastor and started 'calling him names.' Whitehead said the woman then began walking toward his wife and infant kid.

Then, the pastor said he decided to grab the woman and escort her out of the church premises.

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Whitehead's Allegations Against Brooklyn Police

While police have already charged Howard with disrupting religious service and trespassing, Pastor Whitehead was unhappy over the entire incident.

Whitehead alleged that when they got out of the church, police accosted them, and some allegedly pointed their guns at his child's face.

He said that as he was grabbing Howard by the neck and telling police to hold her, Whitehead said Brooklyn PD officers placed him inside the police car, took him to the station, and booked him.

The pastor also accused the police of treating him "like a criminal." He said the police would not have done what they did if he was a Catholic priest or a rabbi.

Controversies Surrounding Pastor Whitehead

It seems Pastor Lamor Whitehead is a controversy magnet.

In an earlier report by Christianity Daily, a former parishioner of Whitehead's Brooklyn church accused the latter of taking $90,000 of her life savings.

The 56-year-old Pauline Anderson told reporters that Pastor Whitehead told her to invest her money into the pastor's firm, Lamor Whitehead, Inc.

Anderson also claimed that the pastor promised her a $100 payment monthly while he looked for a housing unit for her from the $90,000 she gave him.

However, the Brooklyn pastor reneged on his promise and stopped giving Anderson the $100 monthly payment he promised after just one month. Worse, Whitehead claimed that Anderson "donated" her money to him.

The former parishioner eventually decided to sue the pastor over the incident.

In another report, robbers allegedly took more than $1 million worth of jewelry from him and his wife during a live-streamed Sunday service.

The article said three armed men barged into the church while pastor Whitehead was preaching and held them at gunpoint. 

The pastor later told police that the robbers took over $1 million in various jewelry items from them, including his bishop's ring and several expensive chains.

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