California Evangelist's Oklahoma Crusade Met With Overwhelming Response

Huge Turnout in Mauro Murillo's Crusade in Tulsa

The crusade organized by Mauro Murillo's ministry in Oklahoma was met with overwhelming response that some people had to be turned away.

In his article on Charisma Magazine, Murillo, founder of Mauro Murillo Ministries, shared that a huge number of people have attended their event at Mabee Center in Tulsa on April 22.

He disclosed that the doors were opened two hours early and when the total attendance reached 12,000, some people had to be turned away because of the venue's capacity limitation. More than 3,000 participants have given their lives to Christ and many were ministered with healing.

Along with the "shocking" turnout, the evangelist revealed that the ministry is also overwhelmed with "desperate invitations" to conduct the same event in other cities across the country.

"That means we cannot justify working in a city where we have to persuade churches to work together. Not while other cities are begging us to come and have joined forces because they burn with a passion to win souls," he explained.

Further, he said that the turnout only means that their future conferences should not only require teaching but also getting the harvest, as well as having bigger venues to accommodate more people.

Recounting the statement of Jesus in John 4:35, Murillo declared that the "massive harvest" indicates that "the future is now."

"But why has this happened at this time? It has happened because America is in dire straits. Our nation teeters on the edge of total disaster. God is pulling out all of the stops to harvest lost souls and heal sick bodies. We dare not get in His way!" he pointed out.

"The biggest implication of this event in Tulsa is radical change. The clear message here is 'Don't wait,'" he added.

In conclusion, the minister shared that he is faced with decisions that may offend people close to him but are necessary to respond to the amazing harvest from God in Oklahoma.

"For the next few days, I will be deep in prayer. I am already aware that some of my decisions will offend some people ... maybe even those near and dear to me. But I must pay the price, because Tulsa was just too good for us to hold back now," Murillo declared.

In Stephen Strang's article last month, the evangelist also spoke about his ministry's event in Tulsa and predicted that the upcoming revival will be bigger than the one they had in the 1970s.

Murillo shared that compared to what he has experienced in the Jesus People Movement during that period, the preparations they were doing this year were much bigger.

In addition, he unveiled that while the former event was widespread and "felt gentle," the latter showed a "voracious appetite for God" that he has never seen before.

He told Strang that the church has been fixated with the expectation of what the LORD is about to do. He argued, however, that God wants His people to realize that they have to take the initiative. Thus the evangelist's decision to hold the crusades.

Strang shared that relative to this issue, Murillo is currently writing the book, "It's Our Turn Now," encouraging the American church to respond to the call of tackling the harvest of souls in the country today.